Chapter 41

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His heart pounded in his ears, making his body buzz alight and sent him into a frenzy.


His feet pounded on the floor, nearly cracking the surface beneath the blood red carpet in the darkness of the corridor.


His head ached with the thoughts and worries and anxiety of what happened and what was to come.


His entire body, shaking and rumbling and screaming out for the reassurance that she was okay. That she was doing fine.

Sasuke was usually very composed. Nothing got to him, even when Naruto broke several of his staircases due to continuous fights with Kurama, even when he got food poisoning from someone's horrible cooking, even when he read some of Kakashi's books.

But with her? With Sakura? Composed might just have been the last thing that he felt.

She's fine she's fine she's fine she's fine she's fine-

He ripped open the door to her room and rushed over, not caring if he woke Rin and Ino up in the process. Sasuke flung aside the sheets to her bed.

He stared at it.

She was gone.

White sheets were mangled and bloody; a pattern carved inside the sheets- the Uchiha crest. A small, black note was perched on top of the bed- like a crow waiting for its prey. With shaking hands, Sasuke picked it up.

Our old training place. Twelve at night tomorrow. Come alone and don't be late- or you know what happens.


Sasuke read it over and over again. And over. And over, the shock of the event still not registering in his mind. "Itachi..."

The lights flicked on. "Huh? Uchiha, what are you doing in Sakura's- oh my god, you didn't do what I think you did, did you? Uchiha? Hello?" Ino's voice rang out.

"Itachi," he barely said, his grief building up.

"What did you say? I couldn't quite catch that."

"He took her. He took her," he still said, barely talking. Ino moved closer as Rin stirred in her sleep. "What do you-"

"ITACHI TOOK HER!" he roared as tears fell. "HE TOOK SAKURA!" Sasuke kept screaming as he looked around wildly, like a madman. "He took her! He took Sakura! He... took... Sakura..." His vision began to blacken as Ino, now just a silhouette, approached him worriedly.

"Uchiha? Are you okay- Uchiha! Uchiha! Sasuke! Wake up- hey!"

He fell to the floor.




"He's awake, he's awake!"

"Quick, get him some water?"

"Master, are you all right? Do you need anything?"

"Get Lady Tsunade!"

Sasuke stirred as the lights seemed to brighten, then dim, then brighten, then dim again. "What..."

The familiar blonde-haired woman rushed inside. "Uchiha! Are you okay?" she barked as he winced, still blinking. "Ah, I forgot we gave you that medicine. Your vision is acting up, correct? It's just a side effect of the medicine we injected. It should go away soon."

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