Chapter 27

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She got the hang of it now.

She did her chores, went to Sasuke's room, and she cooked and cleaned for him- like a wife.

What Rin had said didn't leave Sakura's head. When he gets a wife, she had said. To be honest, she felt a little sick listening to her. Sasuke having a wife made her blood boil and her hairs raise up, and yet the other little thought in the back of her head was making it worse.

What if it's you?

But how could it be her- she'd known the man for just nearly a year now, there wasn't any saying that she knew him to that extent. They weren't childhood friends. Hell, the only thing that connected the two was the three empty words- I love you.

What had she been thinking? I love you wasn't something to be taken lightly. I love you wasn't that easy. Those three words meant the world, those three words were the most powerful words that one could say to another. Stronger than "I hate you". Stronger than any insult. I love you was strong, very strong.

But the thing was, she wasn't afraid that she had uttered the most powerful words in the world. No, that wasn't it.

She was terrified that she would mean them.

Back when they were at the ball, she had thought she was in love. She wasn't, not like the love she had now. Sakura had been crushed that day, and thought she couldn't live. Now, if something happened, would she be able to get through it? Would she be able to define what her love truly meant?

But, just but, what if he met someone else- someone stronger, prettier, more powerful, someone a hundred percent better than Sakura? What if they were everything she was not- beautiful, powerful, wealthy?

Then, in that case...

She would let her love for Sasuke allow her to give him up. Yes, it was a cliched line- but him first, right?

Sakura's thoughts went, but he might not find someone else...

But what if he did?

"Sakura. Sakura!"

She blinked to see reality, seeing Ino scowling at her. "What?" she said, annoyed.

"Stop dozing out! You've been like this since... I don't even know," she sighed, dumping a bucket and a mop in front of her. "You've been called to mop the kitchen. Good luck."

Sakura sighed as she picked up the water-filled bucket and mop. "All right."

When Ino left, Sakura slumped against the wall as she groaned. She was glad that the two had made up, but what now? Things were already awkward as it was. Besides, what could a peasant girl like her could do as a wife? Although it's not like he even indicated anything...

But one thing was definite- the kiss. He wouldn't have kissed her so passionately if he didn't love her, right? He even said so- so why was she doubting him so much? What had he done that ever hurt her- besides Karin?


She scrambled up to see a glowering Tsunade. "What are you doing?" the woman hissed. Sakura fumbled for words. "I, uh, I-"

"I don't care. Frankly, you've been slacking ever since Uchiha has decided to make you one of his personal servants. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. You go rest, all right?" Tsunade left in a huff, leaving Sakura shocked and confused.

What happened to me?




Sasuke stared at the furry carpet in the library room.

Ever since he had told Sakura that he wanted her to be his personal maid, she'd been acting strange. Tsunade had given him an earful just the day before, scolding him that whatever he was doing with her, he should stop. Whatever that old lady thought, it wasn't like that.

She seemed to be hesitant and lost in her own thoughts nowadays. What happened? Did he not prove his love for her when he kissed her?

His eyes darkened. Or maybe she loves someone else...

He hated the thought of it. He hated that maybe, someone managed to steal her heart right when they were getting along. After the Karin drama, it was easy to believe that someone might have comforted her and spent time with her when he was off sulking.

Sasuke cursed himself for sheltering Karin for so long. Even if she was the girl destined to be his wife according to his parents' will, he couldn't believe that Sakura would backstab him like that.

A pain went through his chest as he winced, I backstabbed her though...

She'd been extremely torn up about it; to the point where she took drugs. She could have died, and it was because of his idiocy.

Well then.

A dark cloud passed through his eyes like it had with Karin.

I just have to find that person, then.

Itachi never even crossed his mind in the two weeks that Sakura had worked for him, but now, the hate for that person who stole that precious girl from him was as good as dead as Itachi was.




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