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Unravel the Hourglass  by Deadly_Neko
Unravel the Hourglass by Maria Rivera
She looked completely innocent with her pale pink hair and jade colored eyes. But he was not a fool, he saw the look of horror and loss within her eyes as if she had los...
  • kakashi
  • time
  • sakura
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Haruno ✅ by HanaTheFangirl_
Haruno ✅by 郑美丽 • rae
Highest ranking: #1 in #haruno #626 in fan fiction Completed ✅ Currently being rewritten as 'ascension'. After being assigned to a team of very influential people, Saku...
  • uzumaki
  • hatake
  • sasuke
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Broken Petals {Sakura Haruno} by Chasoe
Broken Petals {Sakura Haruno}by Slow Updates
Everyone has never expected her to be strong. Always seen as an annoyance But why was she like that in the first place? What made her? What had made her into who she is...
  • sasuke
  • haruno
  • ninja
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Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [NaruHina] by JoelleAu
Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [ ❀JO ❀
[1st Place in Canon Pairings of Naruto Wattys] What if Sakura wasn't born a Haruno? What if Hinata wasn't born a Hyuuga? What if it wasn't the Uchiha clan which was caug...
  • firstplace
  • konoha
  • narutowattys
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Mixed Bath (Kakashi and Sakura Pairing  - Naruto Shipuuden) by etcailes
Mixed Bath (Kakashi and Sakura 👑
Takes place after the war (Sasuke died) Sakura likes Kakashi since team 7 but never in a sexy and hot kind of way. Team 7 still does S class missions together. Now after...
  • kakashi
  • hatake
  • teacher
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Wildest Dreams (Sasusaku fic) by Swift_Chan
Wildest Dreams (Sasusaku fic)by Estellé
"Those feelings were long gone. I'm not that 12 year old girl who would die for you. No. I have changed. I will never fall in your games ever again" Haruno Sa...
  • uchiha
  • sasuke
  • betrayal
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This is my Hatred by HolySpiritInMe
This is my Hatredby (SakuraSavesMe)
(Changed the summary)The hard reality strucked down Sakura like she was stabbed in the chest. Life is not a bed of roses, it has thorns to make you bleed and as long you...
  • sasuke
  • haruno
  • uchiha
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Empathy [Naruto Fanfiction] by 2_SHENANIGANS
Empathy [Naruto Fanfiction]by ehhh
This book was one of the community-chosen books in the Anime Fanfic Awards! To the people that have read and voted on this book, thanks so much! All credits go to @write...
  • sakura
  • haruno
  • narutofanfiction
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A Fallen Warrior-  A SasuSaku Story by JshJazz
A Fallen Warrior- A SasuSaku Storyby JshJazz
Many, many years ago, lived 'the people from before' in other words the first ever or no how about the clan....the otsutsuki. the ones who began the world of Shinobi his...
  • warrior
  • sakura
  • haruno
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I Am Haruno Sakura by Lady_Shiari
I Am Haruno Sakuraby Melissa-chan
Sakura has always been there for Sasuke and Naruto. She was always left out when Kakashi trained them. She was always left to fend for herself. And now, she won't just f...
  • kakashi
  • sasukeuchiha
  • death
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The Start of Something -A Naruto Story- by BeccaUzumaki
The Start of Something -A Naruto Becca
A normal day in Konaha for Jiraiya turned upside down as he found a small, scared girl in the outside walls of Konoha. However after a lot of bonding at age 5 the girl w...
  • elise
  • ren
  • sasuke
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Born a Haruno by MistySharp112
Born a Harunoby MistySharp112
The Haruno Clan was a clan of killing. They were known for their war veins and the urge to kill running naturally in their blood as well as being exceptionally good at...
  • uchiha
  • naurtofanfic
  • team7
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Paper Streets by konohaguild
Paper Streetsby Half Hiatus
Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are normal college students. They're best friends and have two wonderful girlfriends, but when they wake up one day to a nearly destroye...
  • gaara
  • narutolovestory
  • hyuga
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My Sword is My Life by LittleRedHead
My Sword is My Lifeby - LittleRedHead -
Kendensetsu Mizuken is the last survivor of her clan and has recently run away from her old master, Orochimaru. Even with her terrible past she is let into the Hidden Le...
  • orochimaru
  • fighting
  • akatsuki
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We weren't so good at living(Naruto Time-travel) by Niverol
We weren't so good at living( Niverol
"They say you see your life flashing before your eyes when you die. but I don't want to see mine. It feels like I'm drowning." It was close to the end of Four...
  • naruto
  • haruno
  • timetravel
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To the Past by kn222381
To the Pastby kn222381
Grief stricken by the war, Sakura was killed on the battlefield. She was given another chance to make things right, to save everyone, including herself.
  • hatake
  • travel
  • naruto
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Everything that lies beneath her smile by Kawaiisama
Everything that lies beneath her The Little Kid
What if, Sakura Haruno grew up on a war-zone. She was Sasori's little sister? She was an ex-ANBU Captain? One of the most dangerous people in the Ninja World? And was br...
  • konoha
  • strongsakura
  • chakra
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🌸SasuSaku OneShots🌸 by SasuSakuComm
🌸SasuSaku OneShots🌸by SasuSaku Haven
This is a collection of the SasuSaku Community's greatest Oneshots, only found here! Requests are always open! Oneshots written by: @xX_Fang_Xx (admin) @konohaguild [hi...
  • sasusakucomm
  • uchiha
  • oneshots
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Hoshigaki by writer168
Hoshigakiby a ninja
When Sakura was three, her father told her he was a criminal. When she was seven, the last thing she saw of him was the sword on his back. When she was eight, she had a...
  • kiba
  • yamato
  • shino
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Scroll 1: The Third Uchiha [Naruto] by Faith_Ellie
Scroll 1: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]by Faith Elizabeth
So this is a Naruto fanfic I've been working on for while.In this story we will follow my OC Rin Uchiha through her entire life, so from birth, through childhood, throu...
  • shikamaru
  • haruno
  • naruto
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