Unravel the Hourglass  by Deadly_Neko
Unravel the Hourglass by Maria Rivera
She looked completely innocent with her pale pink hair and jade colored eyes. But he was not a fool, he saw the look of horror and loss within her eyes as if she had los...
  • uzumaki
  • seven
  • team
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Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [NaruHina] by JoelleAu
Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [Nar...by ❀JO ❀
[1st Place in Canon Pairings of Naruto Wattys] What if Sakura wasn't born a Haruno? What if Hinata wasn't born a Hyuuga? What if it wasn't the Uchiha clan which was caug...
  • narutocanon
  • haruno
  • canon
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Cherry Blossom Alternative by WingedLadyColette
Cherry Blossom Alternativeby WingedLadyColette
Sakura Haruno is given the mission of protecting Asura and Indra's reincarnations; Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. AU
  • sengokujidai
  • izuna
  • madara
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Changing Past Mistakes (Editing) by Jade_InfiniteLight
Changing Past Mistakes (Editing)by Selena Jade
Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me neither do the characters, This is just a fanfiction. I also do not own the cover picture During the Fourth Great Ninja War Sa...
  • sakuraharuno
  • death
  • timetravel
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Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [Completed] by _izoy_
Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [Comp...by Isabelle
"You know, the thing about failure is that it only makes me want to try harder." . . Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack, t...
  • family
  • sakura
  • kakashi
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Hoshigaki by writer168
Hoshigakiby a ninja
When Sakura was three, her father told her he was a criminal. When she was seven, the last thing she saw of him was the sword on his back. When she was eight, she had a...
  • âu
  • konoha
  • danzo
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The Queen of Masks *Sakura Haruno Story* by Chasing_Happy
The Queen of Masks *Sakura Haruno...by -`anna ´-
There is a famous legend telling the story of a woman. No one knows her age or what she looks like, since she always has a fox mask on her face. They only knew what to d...
  • savesakura
  • haruno
  • sakura
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la historia del demonio y el vengador. by cassie1426
la historia del demonio y el venga...by black histories
en la casi totalidad de las historias que e leido siempre es igual : naruto reencarnacion de asura e indra,afino a los 5 elementos,entrenado por los dioses,todopoderoso...
  • sasusaku
  • sharingan
  • uchiha
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Forsaken  {Book 1} by _Naomi_chan
Forsaken {Book 1}by Naomi
AU Story! Minato and Kushina are alive! Orochimaru isn't a missing nin! No Uchiha massacre! Sakura is NOT a fangirl!- Forsake- to quit or leave entirely: Forsaken- a...
  • tsunade
  • namikaze
  • kakashi
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To the Past by kn222381
To the Pastby kn222381
Grief stricken by the war, Sakura was killed on the battlefield. She was given another chance to make things right, to save everyone, including herself.
  • love
  • uchiha
  • rinnengan
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Born a Haruno by MistySharp112
Born a Harunoby MistySharp112
The Haruno Clan was a clan of killing. They were known for their war veins and the urge to kill running naturally in their blood as well as being exceptionally good at...
  • team7
  • obito
  • sakura
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Scroll 1: The Third Uchiha [Naruto] by Faith_Ellie
Scroll 1: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]by Faith Elizabeth
So this is a Naruto fanfic I've been working on for while.In this story we will follow my OC Rin Uchiha through her entire life, so from birth, through childhood, throu...
  • sasuke
  • romance
  • hatake
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Invisible by konohaguild
Invisibleby 09 | 08 | 2018
Sakura Haruno wishes she was invisible sometimes. She is severely bullied at school, and it all started in 7th grade by her so called 'friends' Karin, Ami and Mai. Not...
  • neji
  • sasuke
  • uchiha
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(Sasusaku 18+) Ông xã em là thú nhân =Kyubi_Uchiha= by Kyubi1905
(Sasusaku 18+) Ông xã em là thú nh...by •Cáo già tâm thần•
Đơn thuần là truyện tình yêu, nhưng không hề nhẹ nhàng và trong veo như giọt sương mai, cũng không quá cuồng si, hoang dại. Đơn giản truyện mang nhiều tình tiết khá mở...
  • sasuke
  • sakura
  • 18
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Pink Moon (Rewrite) by RinaAfina
Pink Moon (Rewrite)by Rafina
Bulan merah muda telah lahir Dia bisa menghidupkan dunia dan meremukkannya dalam sekejap mata dialah kutukan sekaligus keindahan ciptaan tuhan ...
  • kerajaan
  • naruto
  • haruno
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The Secret Scroll by DaOrenjiNeko
The Secret Scrollby DaOrenjiNeko
Sakura Haruno, a kunoichi from allied shinobi forces who only survived from the fourth shinobi world war. All she could ever think that her life will foreseeably come to...
  • madasaku
  • madaraxsakura
  • hashirama
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Paper Streets by konohaguild
Paper Streetsby 09 | 08 | 2018
Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are normal college students. They're best friends and have two wonderful girlfriends, but when they wake up one day to a nearly destroye...
  • uzumaki
  • shikatema
  • haruno
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Forgotten Memories 《Book 3》 by Shayne_potato
Forgotten Memories 《Book 3》by シェイン
The moment she opens her eyes, a new world came to view..... 'Who are these people?' For some unknown reason, Mizuki remembers Sasuke out of all people and she is willin...
  • hatake
  • kakashi
  • romance
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Love Is Friendship [#OtakuBattle2017] by konohaguild
Love Is Friendship [#OtakuBattle20...by 09 | 08 | 2018
"Love is friendship, if she can't be my bestfriend then I can't love her." Sasuke said, turning around to wink at Karin. And that's when I realized, I was in...
  • sasuke
  • sakuraharuno
  • karin
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Unwanted//The Promise//Survival(DISCONTINUED) by lonelyypotato
Unwanted//The Promise//Survival(DI...by 🤙🏼
Sakura Haruno has always been the runt of the group. Ever since the arrival of Sasuke Uchiha, things have gotten worse. She begins to isolate herself from everyone. Bec...
  • team7
  • sequel
  • naruto
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