Chapter 19

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If Sasuke doubted anything about his plan before, it was gone now.

Her lips were soft- really soft, not at all sticky like he thought they would be. She looked beautiful, the dress fitting like a glove and hair styled up and makeup on in such a way that he almost didn't recognize her. But, he recognized her.

The first thing he had seen was the pendant. His mother's loved sakura pendant, the one that he knew she would love most, because of its wealth and beauty. (But he didn't know that it wasn't the case). He was the one who gave her that dress; of course he would know who she is. Until she actually came herself.

She went and talked with Obito, and he 'accidentally' listened in- she sounded like a totally different person. Not at all the shy, stuttering girl he knew- a powerful young lady.

Then, when Naruto came to dance with her- he knew that it was Naruto, what other boy had blonde hair?- his fists clenched, his jaw grew tight; he had even wondered why he was getting so jealous. She wasn't his, right? Besides, it wasn't even like she liked him. After all, she only knew the cold, icy exterior.

Then, when he asked her to dance, she surprisingly said yes. Wind was on, a song that Sasuke enjoyed to the fullest. After all, it reminded him of his everlasting goal- to get his brother back. But this time... this time, it was all his regrets, at all of the pain that he had ever caused.

He had wondered, why did he think all of this? Why did he regret so many things? The answer was simple- she made it happen. She was the cause of all this.

So he made it a personal mission to never let her go.

But he had never thought, in a million years, that she would pull this on him. She had known who he was- how did she know who he was? It was supposed to be the other way around! But then, she started to thank him. No one had ever thanked him for anything, not from their heart, at least. But no- she was different. All of her thanks came straight from the heart.

Then, she did it- she leaned forward just as the song came to a close. He stopped; his heart stopped; and then suddenly, her lips were on his.

Looking back at it, he could chuckle bitterly at how daring she was. Maybe she was drunk.

All that he knew was that she was kissing him, that he felt light-headed, that she was very, very different from all the girls that ever flirted with him. She saw past the cold exterior. She found it in her heart to say, "Thank you."

Everyone else, every other girl that tried to approach him- they only wanted his looks, they wanted his fortune, they wanted to have the fame to bear the Uchiha name. He saw all of this, with his very keen eyes. He saw all of this, and yet, he let them in- until he showed his true self, the inner beast that all Uchiha had.

But this time, no, no, she wouldn't react the way they did. She wouldn't scream and run away. She wouldn't spread rumors. He was certain that she would still see him as a man- instead of the power-hungry wolf he was.

All this ran through his head as she pulled away from him, and the look in her eyes- it startled him. A lot. "Thank you," she murmured, before walking away as the song ended.

Sasuke never believed in true love. Not even once.

But now, he was considering it.

What has she done to me.


A red-head smirked as she nodded, pushing up her glasses farther up her nose as she twirled a strand of bright hair in her other hand. "Yeah. Uh-huh. What? No way. Yes. Got it- hold on, WHAT DID YOU SAY?" she shrieked.

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