Chapter 38

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"So, did you plan the honeymoon yet?"

Naruto was sprawled on Sasuke's bed as the man sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "When would I have time to plan for the goddamn honeymoon? The wedding is in a week... damn, I don't know what I was thinking."

Naruto snorted. "I don't know what you were thinking either. Who gets engaged and then plans their wedding to be held in five weeks? And then you gave everyone a three-week break too, how genius." Sasuke threw a pillow at him as he ducked. "Not helping!"

"So what I'm thinking is, since I'll be your best man and all-"

Sasuke snorted. "No, Kakashi's my best man. Why on earth would you be my best man?" Naruto's head lifted straight up as he stared at him, surprised. "I thought I would be your best man! Come on dude, I was your best friend since we were born!"

"And Kakashi was my best advisor since I was born. He deserves it. How about you ask Sakura if the maid of honor position is still open? You'd make a great one-" Naruto threw the pillow back at him as Sasuke dodged. "Shut up!"

The two of them sat in silence for a bit, glaring at each other.

Then, Sasuke cracked a smile. "I'm just kidding. You're obviously my best man, loser." Naruto sniffed and looked away. "I don't know if I even deserve this spot anymore." Sasuke shrugged. "Never mind, then. I'll ask Kakashi-"

"No, no, no, I'll be your best man!" Naruto interrupted hastily as Sasuke sat back, smirking. "And wipe that smile off your face!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, then picked up his pen again, then dropped it again. "I can't think. I'm going out."

"With a certain someone~," sang Naruto as Sasuke hit him over the head once and continued walking, slamming the door shut.

Naruto propped himself with the pillow as he sighed, "Obsession."




Sakura was wearing hell.

Who made up the theory that the taller, the more beautiful? These heels were going to kill her, regardless if it was wedding day or not. She was going to fall over any second- why couldn't she just wear the slippers she wore to the ball?

Ino's voice rang. "Remember, toe to heel helps. Chin up, hair out of your face, and don't forget to smile!"

Sakura tried. She really did.

Ino's bright beam fell as she cringed at her. "Look at you. You're wobbling every two seconds, you're blowing hair out of your face like it's a fan, and your smile doesn't come remotely close to a smile. Be more natural about it-"

"How is any of this natural?!" Sakura threw down her bouquet as she stomped- or, tried to stomp- to her bed and sank her face inside the bed and screamed. Hinata rushed to her. "Sakura, it's okay, we'll just- we'll try again," Hinata tried as Sakura shook her head and screamed her heart out, the sound muffled by the soft bed.

Ino sighed. "Well, there's no other way! Sakura, you've got to wear heels! It's like, a wedding tradition in the Yamanaka family."

Sakura peeled her face away from the bed. "Do I look like a Yamanaka?!" she said angrily as she brought her hand down sharply. "No! I do not! I am a Haruno! Do you know how we got married? We took the best-looking shoes we had, which were very comfortable, and walked down the aisle any way we wanted to! Not any of that toe-heel chin-up smile crap!"

"It's not crap! And walking toe-to-heel seriously works!" Ino tried to argue, but Sakura glared at her. "Not for me."

Hinata touched her arm. "Sakura, can't you try just one more time? Please? If you can't make it across the room by then we'll change your shoes to one of your preference." Sakura perked up. "Seriously?"

"Hinata!" Ino said, exasperated.


Sakura took a deep breath as she wobbled back to the end of the room.

She tried to imagine what the scene would be like. The guests, all around the hall. The smiles beaming at her like a camera light. The white carpet, dotted with rose petals- and him, smiling at her from the altar. She smiled, for real.

"That's it. That's the smile," Ino whispered, but Hinata silenced her with a shush. Sakura ignored her as she took a step, surprisingly stable. She took another step, and she didn't wobble. And another. And another.

"You look amazing."

And it was then she broke her concentration and her face plummeted to the floor- until someone caught her. "Gotcha," Sasuke smiled as he lifted her back up, bridal-style. Sakura glared at him. "I almost made it!"

Ino looked like she was about to blow a fuse before she sighed and sank to the floor. "Well, that's it then," she said gloomily. "Flats for Sakura. Yay."

Hinata chuckled and patted her shoulder. "Don't worry, Sakura will pull it off amazingly. She looks good in anything." Ino pouted and looked the other way. "I guess."

"And, she's going to be your mistress soon," reminded Sasuke as he turned to face the two girls. "She'll be in charge of Lady Tsunade and the conduct in the castle. You really should treat her better."

"Yes sir," was the automatic response, though Ino did so half-heartedly. Sakura hit Sasuke's shoulder. "What the hell? No way I'm going to be a mistress. I'm still going to work her per usual, and you're still going to pay me per usual."

"But there's no need to pay you," he started, but she shook her head and smiled at Ino and Hinata. "You don't call me Mistress, either. That just sounds weird and creepy. Call me Sakura, it'll be like nothing ever happened."

Sasuke's mouth thinned in displeasure. "But you are their mistress."

"And right now, you are my master. I call you by your name, don't I?"

Hinata's and Ino's heads were bouncing back and forth watching the couple bicker. "Anyways," Hinata butted in, smiling. "The wedding's in a week and now we have to get Sakura her new shoes... I'm not trying to sound rude, Uchiha, but we really need to prepare."

Sasuke let Sakura down as he shook his head. "I understand. Do a good job. Thank you."

"Thank... you..."

He left the room, leaving Ino and Hinata speechless. Sakura blinked. "What's wrong?"

"That's the first time he said thank you to a servant," Ino said as she looked at her. "Sakura, you've really changed him, haven't you?" said Hinata in her usual airy, breathy voice.

She blinked. "I mean, yeah, but he's always been polite..." She turned around to look at him before shrugging and turning back.

Ino clapped her hands. "All right then, shall we get started? Time to go shopping!"

"Again..." Sakura groaned.



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