Chapter 12

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Well, Sakura's life was pretty uneventful.

She just wished that there was something that would happen once in awhile. So far, the most interesting thing that happened was running into Lee and Guy- Lee's inspiration- practicing their 'youth speech'. It wasn't good, either.

"Man," she groaned in the infirmary after treating Kiba's wolf bites after messing with them after his jobs. "It really is boring being here." Rin was fiddling with a few needles as she murmured, "Hmm?"

"I mean, when I first heard of this job, my parents told me not to go 'cause they said I wouldn't have fun, y'know? And I didn't believe them and it wasn't like I had much choice..." she coughed. Rin finally tore her attention away from the needles as she smiled, "I know. But there are a few things that pop up sometime, you know?"

Sakura sighed. "I know that, but... ugh," she threw her hands up at the next person who walked in. "What did you do this time? Run into a tree? Fall down? Tell Sakura what she has to do and she'll do it, stat!"

"Well, I didn't know you disliked it here that much, Sakura."

Her face flushed. It was Tsunade.

She calmly sipped tea as she took a seat on the nearest bed. "If you want, I'll file a report to Uchiha about your leave. He'll certainly send you off with enough money to last you a lifetime." Her face burned. "I apologize, m'lady."

"Don't be. I'm that person who has to know every need and want that my co-workers have, so I can make good decisions. So tell me," she leaned forward, a glint in her eye, "what do you want?"

Sakura swallowed. Man, this woman is good. "I- I," she stammered, "I want to keep working here, m'lady." Tsunade squinted, then threw back her head. And laughed.

"I thought so. I see that pressure doesn't do much on a strong-willed lady. Just like me." She smiled. "I'm proud of you, Sakura. You've come so far." As if it was an instinct, Sakura blushed. "T-thank you, lady."

She sighed. "Anyway, I've just received an order from Uchiha that's going to send my head spinning for the next few weeks. Oh, and," she said- was she smirking?- "Uchiha wants to talk to you."

Her head felt a little light. "He does?" she said breathily. "Yes," Tsunade said. "You two are getting rather close, aren't you?"

Sakura let out a small giggle. "I don't know yet..." Tsunade laughed- a good-willed, hearty chuckle. "He said to meet him in the library."

Sakura's heartbeat quickened. The library! What secrets would she find there? "I will," she said, bowing. "Thank you, my lady."

She could feel her smile. "No, thank you, Sakura."




This was it.

She stared at the strange library door, the strange borderline that always fascinated her, and then she noticed something that she hadn't before- the handle.

It was a beautiful carving of a wolf.

She leaned closer, studying its every inch and its polished hide, the mouth open in a snarl and its teeth looking sharp enough to cut through steel itself.

And then, another thing. Its eyes.

It was exactly like the Uchiha clan's- spiraling three tomoe inside it, the pupil dilated and looking like it had steady control over anything it looked at.

Sakura felt a twinge of pain in the back of her eyes. "Ow," she muttered as she rubbed her temples. She swore that she thought someone was watching her...


She turned around abruptly, slamming into the person in front of her. It was Uchi- Sasuke.

She let out a squeak as she fell face-first into his cloak, knocking him over.

Her breath caught.

This was the first time she ever saw him close-up. Though Sakura did see him a number of times, she never saw him too close-up. Hell, the closest she'd ever seen him was when he came to visit her in the infirmary. Now, though, she needed something way more than medicine.

She needed a cure to her rapidly increasing heartbeat.

Now, was she imagining it when she felt something going equally, if not faster, than her own heartbeat? Nah, she was probably just hoping that it was; but it would be normal that both of their faces would be bright red, right? Right?

After Sakura lay sprawled on top of Sasuke, both of them stunned, he quickly got up pulling her with him. Her hand was stuck in his cloak. "Um..." She was blushing bright red to say anything. "My hand..." The color in his face was rapidly draining as he glanced down, then removed her hand from his fabric.

Even if it (probably) wasn't romantic any way whatsoever, Sakura's face somehow grew redder. He let go after a moment. "I called you here," he said.

Well, obviously, she thought. "Do you know why?" She shook her head, still at a loss for words.

His pale hand closed upon the wolf-like handle. "Come in." The door clicked open with a woosh.

They stepped in.





I'm sorry this came out later than it should, I planned a surprise in this chapter but realized it wouldn't make much sense to put it in after a little more progression so I ended up having to rewriting it... and I hope that this chapter wasn't too short or anything but I'm in a rush to finish the next two chapters so I won't have to mess up anything else, and I'm rambling. Sorry.

So anyway... the 'special chapter' planned is probably going to be the one after the next, as I obviously can't cut it off now. I wonder... do you think this story has too many fillers? I'm sorry if it does, the one part of a book or anime I hate most is the fillers but now I realize how important they are. I promise there will be more progression soon!

Love, -Storywriter-  

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