Visitors At The Park

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Three Weeks Later

Tia's POV

My stomach has grown alot since I found out. I can barely see my feet.

I thought it was weird for the baby to be growing so fast ,but Liam said it was normal.

Saud's Servants haven't been around that much, so we all decided that we should play basket ball at the park.

"Tia, you can be the cheerleader." Louis said.

I pouted. "No fair!"

"Uhh... Life's not fair."Niall commented.

I rolled my eyes as I walked on the side of the court.

This is not fun.

I looked out in the distance and saw a familiar figure.


The guys told me about him, He was once friends with the boys, but he decided to be on Saud's side.

He came with servants.

"Uhhh..guys."I stuttered.

"W-"Harry stopped talking once he noticed who had arrived.

The guys zoomed in front of me.  Leaving me and Liyah behind.

"To make a long story short, we're taking the girl."Mart stated.

Mart tried to walk forwards but Justin stopped him by punching him hard in the face.

That punch was so hard, that you could hear a 'CRACK' -ing sound.

Then the guys started attacking Saud's servants.

"Run!" Harry yelled.

Liyah quickly grabbed my hand and we started running.

Soon ,I felt a sharp pain in my back.

I stumbled over my feet, it felt like the world was spinning.

I could hear Liyah yelling something but I couldn't comprehend what she was saying.

Liyah's POV

Tia looked up at me with wide eyes, and she started stumbling again.

Next thing I know, she's laid out on the floor.

But the thing is she fell on her stomach!

I kneeled down on my knees and turned her around and rocked her back and forth.

"Tia...c'mon wake up!"I said as I shook her a little.

She still wouldn't wake up.

"C'mon.....Tia you can't do this.....wake up!"I raised my voice a little.

By now, my vision became blurred.

I quickly wiped my eyes.

"Shit." I heard Justin mumble.

Then the guys rushed over to my side.

I looked up and gloss was visible on Justin's eyes.

I felt something sticking out of Tia's back.

I put my hand over it and pulled it out slowly.

I pulled it from under her and examined.

it was really sharp, at the end was a needle like point and at the other end was was a little tube with blue liquid in it.

Louis grabbed it out of my hand and examined it.

"This is poisonous to her and the baby."Louis said as he still examined it.

To Be Continued...

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