Boys Are Imbeciles

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Niall's POV

"Phew"I said in relief that we didn't get caught.

"That was to close."Liam said in relief.

We all nodded in agreement.

I stood up.

" Well I'm gonna take a shower. "

I ran upstairs and into my bathroom that is attached to my bedroom. I undress and got in the shower, I did my regular hygiene and washed my hair.

I got out and grabbed the hair blow dryer,then suddenly I felt a cool breeze hit my back.

I turned to see what it was, It was the window that was slightly opened.

I reach over to close it and it was stuck, just great.I tried pushing it harder .

Then my hand accidentally hit something on the counter and there was a huge 'splash'.

I looked down and saw my blow dryer was in the toilet.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I yelled.

What am I going to do now?

I can't use Louis's because his has glitter on it and it gets every where.I can use Zayn because he says we are to' irresponsible'. Harry doesn't have one. And Liam doesn't need one.

My only hope is Tia.......

Tia's POV

I was in my room listening to the radio when there was a 'knock' on my door.

The boys never come to my room....

"Uh..Come in."I said

Then Niall came in.

The only problem was that he only had a towel wrapped around the lower part of his body.

Lord have mercy.

He had the most fitted body.with most beautiful sculpted abs.

He started smirking.

"GET OUT."I said.

"What, why?"he asked

"You were reading my thoughts! "I said angrily.

"Sorry! I can't help it, my mind automatically reads thoughts before I have time to respond."he explained.

"What do you want? " I said annoyed.

"Can I borrow your blow dyer?" He said with a puppy dog face.

I got up from my bed,went into my bathroom, grabbed my blow dryer, and went back into my room.

"I'm not giving you my blow dryer because of your puppy dog face, I decided to be nice, in fact, that puppy dog face was horrible."I said while laughing and handing him my blow dryer.

"Well I'll work on it." he said while winking.

"Get out." I said pointing to the door.

"Thanks."He said while exiting the room.

Boys are imbeciles.

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