The Return of Saud

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Tia's POV

Then Dan opened the door.

"Hey guys!"Dan said cheerfully.

The guys said 'hey'.

"What are you so happy for?"I asked harshly.

"Excuse her, umm her hormones and mood swings are now active."Liam said.

"No their not,I'm perfectly fine."I protested.

Then Pam came to the door.

"I knew I heard you from inside."Pam said cheerfully.

"Pam!"I screamed excitedly while attacking her in a hug.

"Hey sweetie."Pam replied while returning the hug.

"Why are you so excited to see her but not us?Justin asked.

"Oh my gosh, Justin will y-"I was cut off by Pam.

"Lets go inside."Pam demanded while dragging me into the house.

Me and Pam sat down in the living room and The guys went out in the backyard.

"Ugh I hate them!"I said.

"Gosh, you're too hormonal."Pam said.

"I know, is there anything I can do about it?"I asked.

"To be honest, I don't know."she replied.

"Ugh."I groaned.

*4 hrs Later*

It was now dark outside and me, Pam and the guys were in the kitchen.

For the past 2 hours Justin has been a complete ass.

Right now Dan was telling the guys a story.

"And then he fell into the Pond."Dan said while laughing.

Then the guys joined.

What's so funny about someone falling into a pond?

I guess Pam saw how irritated I was because she put her hand on my hand that was on the counter.

I looked over at her and she gave me such a heart-warming smile that I just had to return one.

I'm trying my best to control myself, I really am.

I stood up and turned to Pam.

"I'm going to sit on the couch in the living room. "I told her.

She nodded.

When I glanced over, I saw the guys looking at me cautiously, like they were waiting for me to do something outrageous.

But I'm not.

I then turned and went into the living room ,sat on the couch, got comfortable, then closed my eyes.

I could still hear the guys laughing.

I tried thinking of a happy place.

But all I could was the laughter of the guys.

Come on Tia, think of a happy place, you can do this, think of a happy place.

But all I heard was still their laughter.

Keep calm, keep calm.

When I payed attention closely, all I really payed attention to was Justin's laughter.

That's it.

I stood up and and walked towards the kitchen and stopped at the entrance .

"Guys, can you please keep it down?"I said, asking as politely as I could.

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