Big mistake

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Tia's POV

"How do you know? "Liam asked.

"Well Liyah told me that a shadow was chasing after her, and then when I was just in the kitchen, I received a voice message that told me that he saw me save my friend and that changing into a vampire wouldnt keep him away ,AND that he always gets what he wants."I said without breathing.

"He's a fucking stalker! what does he want from you?"Justin asked

Wow protective.

Me and the rest of the guys looked at Justin.

Why is he acting like this all of a sudden?

"You okay?"I asked him.

"I'm fine."he replied.

When I looked closely,I noticed that Justin had beads of sweat on his forehead .

My eyes literally popped out of my head.

"'re sweating."I said in complete and utter shock.

Then Justin touch his forehead, and his eyes literally popped out of his head too.

"I Am sweating! "he said in disbelief.

"I guess the effect of getting bit by a hormonal vampire is that you become hormonal too."Zayn infered.

"It's getting pretty late, we should leave."Harry said.

Then Liyah came downstairs.

"Oh yea, umm Liyah,this is Louis,Harry,Justin, Zayn,Niall,and Liam. "I said as I pointed to each one of the guys as I said their names.

Then the guys said 'hey' in harmony.

"Hi."Liyah said.

"Alright Let's go home."I said.

*At Home*

I'm in my room, and Liyah's in the bathroom taking a shower.

Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

I got up from my bed and opened the door only to see a sweaty version of Justin.

Then Justin rudely walked into my room.

"Help me."Justin demanded.

"That's not how y-"I was cut off.

"Just fucking help me you stubborn bitch!"Justin yelled.

I was shocked that he called me that.

"Tia,I am so sorry, see,I need help with controlling my mood swings."

"I can't do that, your the only one who could help you control your mood swings a-"

I was cut off by Justin pecking me on the lips.I just froze.

What the hell?

"I didn't mean to do that, I swear!"Justin said.

I just stood there.

Then Justin ran out the room.


Then Liyah came out of the bathroom.

"Hey. "I said with a smile.

"Hey."she replied.

"I see the clothes fit."I pointed out.

"Are you a vampire?"She asked.

"What would make you think that?"I asked.

" got paler,your eyes are a lighter brown now,your hair color has gotten lighter a-."I cut her off.

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