The Perfect Match

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Tia's POV

"They're fighting the rest of the guards off."He told me.

"Oh."I stated bluntly.

Then we traveled down several flights of steps.

And then we finally found then exit.

When we exited the kingdom, the rest of the guys were standing there.

Then Liyah attacked me into a hug.

"You won't believe how scared I was for you."She said as we pulled out of the hug.

Then Louis,Harry,Zayn,Louis,Niall and I group hugged.

*At home*

I was in my bathroom drying my hair off with my towel after washing it.

I checked my cabinets for my blowdryer but remembered that I lended Niall my blowdryer.

I walked over to Niall's room and knocked on his door.

Soon he opened up the door.

"What chya need?"he asked

"I need my blowdryer. "I replied.

Then he walked into the bathroom.

I looked inside the room and Justin was staring at me.

He then started smiling.I smiled back.

Then I looked at the carpet ,I felt my cheeks get hot.

Why am I blushing?

Then Niall came back into the room with my blowdryer and handed it to me.

"Thanks."I said as I walked back to my room.

When I entered the room Liyah was laying on the bed playing her phone.

I walked into the bathroom plugged in the blowdryer, and then started blowdrying my hair.

When I finished blow drying my hair I combed my hair and then put it into a messy but cute bun.

"I'm hungry."I said as I walked back into the room.

"I am too."Liyah said.

"Let's go to the kitchen."I said.

When we got downstairs and into the kitchen the boys were having a pig feast.

"Gross."I said as I walked to the refrigerator and opened it.

"We're men,what do you expect?"Harry asked as he munched on hot cheetos.

"More like pigs."Liyah said with a smirk on her face as she opened the pickle jar.

"That hurts. "Louis said pretending to be hurt.

"Eh you'll get over it." I said as I sat down at the island .

"We can't stay at this house anymore."Harry told me.

"Why not?"I asked as I dipped a slice of apple into the peanut butter jar.

"Because, Saud knows where you are now, what if he takes you again?"Zayn said as he bit into his pizza.

"The only reason why he was able to take me is because he drugged me, if he didn't have that drug with him I could've fought him off."I told them.

"Saud seems powerful Tia, we may not know who he is ,but I bet without the drug he could've taken you."Justin said.

"That reminds me,when we were at that pizza palace he sent me a voice message."I said.

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