The Blackout

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Tia's POV

I started searching the drawers and then I found the ski mask.

"Found it!"I said as I raised the ski mask in the air.

I stood up,closed the drawer,and started for the door. Then the guys appeared in front of me.

"Umm, move."I stated bluntly.

"Strawberry, we know you're a little a angry right now, but you don't have to do this."Louis told me.

"Angry is an understatement for her always."Harry said with a huge smile on his face.

"Good point."Zayn agreed.

"Just move."I demanded.

"Tia, you really don't have to do this."Justin said.

I tried to move Justin out of the way.

"Please." He whispered .

I stopped and stared at him.

He sounded like he was begging me to stop trying to leave.

Why was he begging?

I removed my hand from his chest.

Then I turned around and walked over to my bed, and sat down.

I looked up and the boys even Liyah looked a little cautious .

"I'm not gonna do anything."I told them.

Then I noticed Justin untensed in relief.

What's up with him?

"Are sure you're calm?"Liam asked.

I nodded.

"Good, cause I'm hungry!"Niall said walking out the room.

Then the rest of the guys left.

*Next Morning*

I got in the shower and put on my Lucky Brand boots and black skinny jeans with my gray sweatshirt.

Then I ran downstairs in the kitchen to see the whole clan eating eggs and sausages.

I sat down on one of the stools and grabbed an apple.

"We should get out of this boring house and have fun." I said.

"Where would we go?"Liyah asked.

"How about the beach?"Louis suggested.

"Then it's settled, we're going to the beach at one."Liam said.

"Yay."Me and Liyah said.

"Let's go get ready!"I said as I dragged Liyah out of the kitchen.

*At The Beach*

Finally we arrived at the beach.

"Let's go find a place to set our chairs , we can find the bathroom and change later."I told Liyah.

Soon we set up our chairs and sat down.

"I'll be right back."Liyah said.

I nodded.

I was playing Subway Surfers on my phone,when suddenly, someone snatched my phone out of my hand and before I could see who it was cold water doused all over me I looked up and saw Harry smiling innocently with my phone in his hand while trying to hold in his laughter. Then I heard laughter coming from behind me. I quickly turned around to see Justin with an empty bucket in his arms while laughing uncontrollably.

I quickly stood up and shoved Harry. Then I ran for Justin.

Once Justin noticed me running towards him, he dropped the bucket and started running.

"Get back here You BASTARD!"I screamed as I chased him.

"NOOOOO!"He yelled as he ran faster.

Then he headed for the boy's bathroom.

I quickly caught up to him and then grabbed his arm.

Then I took his SnapBack off of his head and started running.

"No give my SnapBack back your hair is wet!"Justin screamed.

"No!"I yelled back,

I looked back and saw Justin catching up to me.

Before I could run any faster, a strong pair of arms grabbed my waist and turned me around.

Then me and Justin's eyes met.

It felt really,really weird.

Then he leaned in closer,grabbed his SnapBack off my head and ran to the guys.

And I did the same.

"I can't believe you guys would let him wet me!"I said.

"Hey, I had an excuse."Niall said.

"Eating is not an excuse!"I replied.

"Hey g- what happened t-"Liyah was cut off.

"Please don't ask."I replied.

"You changed?"I asked.

"Yup!"Liyah said popping the 'p'.

I took off my jeans and my shirt, leaving me in my bikini.

Them I recognized that a girl was walking up to us.

Then she walked up to Justin .

"Hey, umm... I was wondering if you wanted to hang out and ya know,get to know each other?" She asked as she leaned closer to him.

She's the fast type.

"Actually, I have a girlfriend."Justin replied.

Please don't say me. Please don't say-

"She's right here." Justin said as he wiggled his arms around my waist.

I tensed up once he shocked me. Literally.

"Oh." The girl said disapprovingly as she looked at me up and down.

"Whatever."she said as she walked away.

Then he let go of me.

"Did you feel that?"he whispered to me.

"Yes I did, now don't touch me again."I replied.

*Later On That Day*

We were now at the pizza palace near the beach.

I was looking around, then I spotted the same girl that asked Justin out looking at me with this devilish look on her face.


I decided to look away.

"Hey."Liyah said as she sat down next to me.

"Hey."I bluntly replied.

"You okay?"She asked.

"Yea, I'm fine."I replied.

"You don't seem like it."She said.

Then Justin sat down across from us.

"You guys don't want any pizza?"he asked as he bit into his pizza.

I nodded my head a 'no' while Liyah said 'no'.

Justin shrugged and continued eating his pizza.

All of sudden my head started throbbing.

Really,really bad.

"Ugh."I grunted as I put my head in my hands.

"You okay ?"Justin asked.

'The boys will repay for what they did to me!' A deep voice echoed said in my head.

Who is that? Well I know it's a man for sure.

'Thats why I have to find you, and remember I always get what I want.'The deep voice echoed again.


Then every thing went black.

To Be Continued.....

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