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My Beautiful Monsters.

©2013, Baby_xoxo10

Published on Wattpad.



Tia's POV

I was walking home from school, texting My best friend Liyah.

It was around 7:00 pm. I know you're wondering why I'm coming home so late from school, well I had a five hour detention for talking back to a teacher for accusing me of cheating on a test. And I did not appreciate her accusations, so I had to confront her about that.And now I'm walking home from school. My big mouth always gets me into trouble.

It's like my mouth controls me.

I started swinging my key chain around my finger,Then my key chain flew into the woods.

I started walking into the woods,when I heard rustling sounds, I stopped walking to check my surroundings and nothing was there.I think I'm starting to become paranoid. So I started searching the ground for my key chain .

Then I heard the rustling sound again. At this point being scared was an understatement for me, I was horrified!

I quickly began scanning the ground for my pink key chain ,then I heard someone laugh,but for some reason I had a feeling this someone wasn't alone.

I looked up and saw five figures Walking towards my direction. I stood up quickly and ran. Then I stopped when I realized the five figures were in front of me.

I turned around and began to run,then I tripped over a rock and fell. Shit! I looked down at my leg and blood began leaking out of a fresh, deep cut.

Then a dark haired boy walked over to me,these boys had a weird vibe about them.Then the dark haired boy keeled down and dangled something in my face ,I observed the object that was in my face.

They were my keys!

"Calm down Babe,are you looking for-" he stopped once he realized my leg was bleeding.

Then the dark haired boy's eyes turned red,I looked behind him and the rest of the guys eyes turned red and they were breathing heavily. What.the.hell.

Zayn's POV

I smelled the sweet aura that her blood contained.

Me and the boys haven't had human blood in a while, all we had was human food and crappy blood bags.

But her blood was different.It smelled sweeter than regular human blood.

Then I noticed that the blood on her leg was leaking on to the ground.

At this point I lost it.

Tia's POV

All of a sudden the dark haired boy launched towards me and before I knew it , I was pinned up against a tree my hands above my head.

Thats it.This is the end for me.I'm gonna die.

Then in the blink of an eye, the rest of the boys were behind the dark haired boy.

Then I recognized that sharp little white things were hanging out of their mouth.

Then the dark haired boy bit into my neck! What the hell! Then the rest bit on my arms and the other side of my neck!

I started to feel weak and dizzy, I thought about screaming but who would hear me at this time?

The only word I managed to say was a low and faint 'stop'. Then everything went black.

Zayn's POV

Her blood tastes so sweet and warm running down my throat.

There are so many sweet sensations that my vampire senses are experiencing.

All of a sudden I heard a low and faint 'stop' from her then she collapsed. What have we done!

Harry's POV

Wow her blood tasted so amazing!

"Shit! we drank too much of her blood!" Liam said in a panicky voice.

I bent down to check her pulse.Her pulse was very weak.

"Guys, she is very close to dying, what are we going to do?" I asked.

"We should take her over to our place until she gets better." Zayn said picking up the girl bridal style.

*At Home*

When we got into the house Zayn placed the girl gently on the sofa.

"I'm HUNGRY!"Niall complained.

"Dude, you just ate!"Liam laughed

"Shut it. " Niall said entering the kitchen.

I decided to watch tv so I sat near the girl that was laying on the couch .

A couple minutes later Niall came out of the kitchen with nutella all over his face with a bag of barbecue chips in one hand and a can of whipped cream in another.


"Gross." I said in a disgusted manner.

"Whatever."he said throwing a chip at me.

Then Louis came down stairs with a hello kitty robe on and matching slippers.


Then Zayn came downstairs with a blanket in one hand and a pillow in the other.

"Alright so-"Zayn stopped talking once he realized what Louis was wearing.

Confusion was written all over Zayn's face.

"Anyway..."he said slowly.

"You guys have to get up and let the girl rest." he said.

"Her name is Tia."Niall corrected.

"Well let Tia rest. " Zayn corrected himself.

I got up from the sofa and went up stairs to my room.

Zayn's POV

When the guys went upstairs I covered Tia up and put a pillow under her head.

Wow. She is beautiful. I stood there for a good five minutes admiring here perfect features.

I admired her brown wavy long hair, her perfectly shaped lips and carmel skin complexion.

Wait what am I thinking? I just asked a question that I didn't know the answer to.

I went upstairs to my bedroom and fell into a deep sleep.

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