Three Years Later

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Three Years Later

Tia's POV

Over the years I eventually let Justin see Brooke, but I never seen him ever again after that incident.

But Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall? They all kept in contact and visits mostly everyday.

Oh and me? I'm in college now, and I have a part time job at Target.

Liyah goes to college too and is working at the Welsfargo center. Her and Lou began to date. And later on they asked me to bite them so they could try for a baby.

They now have a son, Jamie. He's three.

Oh and I've never heard from Saud ever since I showed up to his kingdom.

"Mwommy! I wanna go see Daddy!"Brooke squealed as she twirled in her purple skirt.

She is a ball of energy.

"Okay."I laughed as I stood up and grabbed the car keys off the coffee table.

"Wet's go!"She squealed as she jumped up and down, Her dark brown curls jumping with her.

We walked out of the house and to my range rover. I strapped Brooke up in her booster seat and walked around the car and into the drivers seat.

We finally made it to the Boy's house. I got out and walked around the car and unstrapped Brooke out of her booster seat and pick her up and placed her onto the ground.

"Go ahead, knock on the door."I reassured her.

She walked over to the door and knocked on it.

The door swung open revealing Harry.

"Uncle Hazza!"She squealed.

"Hey sweetie!"He replied as he stepped aside.

"Have fun baby."I replied as I was about to walk off.

"Can you stay?"She asked as she grabbed my hand.

"Brooke I don't th-"

"Pwease!"Brooke begged.

I could hear Harry chuckling.

"Fine."I rolled my eyes at her stubbornness as she lead me inside the house.

"Uncles!"Brooke smiled.

"Hey Brookie!"

"Daddy!"She yelled as she lead me into the kitchen.

Smoke filled the air as Justin took a large tray out of the oven.

He waved his hands in the air to get rid of the smoke.

"Daddy!"She called out again.

His head whipped around. As soon as he saw me a look of surprise spread across his face.

"Hey Baby girl."He smiled.

He looks different. He has a whole sleeve of tattoos, and he cut his hair.

"What is that?"Brooke asked as she climbed up on one of the stools.

"Cookies."He proudly smiled.

Brookie picked up one of the overcooked cookies."Are you sure Daddy?"She questioned as she examined the cookie.

She hit it against the tray."It's more like a wock than a cookie."She looked so confused.

I couldn't help but laugh. She's too cute.

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