Making It Official

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Tia's POV

*Next Day*

All this morning I've been trying to avoid Justin.

Right now were all in the kitchen eating lunch.

"Tia can you pass me the ketchup?"Justin asked.

I looked at the ketchup and back him.

I kept doing that until Liyah handed him the ketchup.

Then she nudged me.

I looked around the table and the rest of the guys stared at me in confusion.

"What?"I asked.

"What's up with you?"Zayn asked.

I shrugged .

Then Niall's eyes grew wide.

"She knows."Niall bluntly stated.

"What does she know?"Justin asked

"Who told you?"Harry asked.

Me and Liyah glanced at each other.

"Liyah you told her?!"Liam asked.

"Sorry.She played that 'Bestfriends tell each other everything' card on me!" Liyah said.

"I'm so confused right now." Justin said.

"Alright ,Justin Dan said that the only reason why you two keep shocking each other is because you two are meant to be."Louis explained.

Then Justin looked at me.

"Is that why you were ignoring me?"Justin asked with a smile.

"Yea,why are you smiling at me?"I asked.

"What. I can't touch you now I can't smile at you, what have I done to you?"Justin asked still smiling.

"This doesn't bother you?"I asked.

"Aww come on, us almost kissing didn't bother you,so why does this bother you?"he asked.

Good point.

The guys eyes grew wide.

Then Liyah hit me.

"Ouch why'd you hit me?"I asked.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?"she asked me.

"We didn't kiss, we almost kissed,well our lips touched but that wasn't a kiss."I said.

"Justin, I thought we were lads."Harry said.

"We are,I just didn't think I needed to tell you guys that."he said.

"Well let's play truth or dare."Liyah said with a smirk on her face.

"Okay."we all said.

"Ok Justin it's your turn."Harry said.

"Ok dare it is."Liyah said.

"I didn't get to pick wether I want truth or dare!"Justin said.

"To bad, I dare you to kiss Tia."Liyah said.

As soon as she said that,my eyes grew wide.

"Liyah!"I yelled.

"What?"she asked innocently as she battered her eyelashes.

The guys started laughing.

"I'm out of here."I said as I stood up.

"Aww c'mon it's only truth or dare Tia ."Zayn whined.

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