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Tia's POV

Zayn and Liam were in the kitchen.

I wish I could hear what they were talking about.

I had to admit, I was scared.

"Don't be scared."Louis said walking up to me.

I sat down on the sofa, he did the same.

Then he patted me my on my back.

"I don't understand, what does this shadow want from me?"I croaked.

Zayn and Liam entered the room.

"Well we figured a plan."Liam said.

"Well..."I said telling them to continue.

"I'm not sure if you'll approve of this pla-"he was cut off by me.

"Ugh. Will you just spit it out."I said impatiently.

"Fine, we we're thinking of turning you into a vampire."Zayn said.

I quickly stood up.

"NO!!!!"I yelled.

"Aww ,c'mon Tia we have reasons why we should turn you into a vampire."Harry said.

"Name one."I said tapping my foot on the cherry wood floor.

"Stubborn."Zayn mumble.

"Shut it."I said putting my hand up.

"When we are not around you, you could protect yourself with your vampire strength."Niall said crossing his arms.

Good point.

Niall smirked.

As soon as I gave him the evil eye, his smirk disappeared.

"No."I said sitting back down.

"Tia...you'll be safe." Louis whined.

"I don't wanna drink from people!"I yelled.

"Tia, you won't have to."Harry said while laughing.


"You can drink blood bags."Liam explained.

"Oh."I said simply.

"Well?"Niall said.

I sighed.

"Can't we do anything else to keep me safe?"I asked.

"UGHH. will you stop being so stubborn?"Niall asked impatiently.

"Well we could create a bond with you."Zayn suggested.

"How does that work?"I asked.

"Well,we Will drink from you and you drink from us, and Then that creates a bond."Harry explained.

I am scared to try that too!

"Take your pick."Niall said crossing his arms.

"Jerk."I mumbled.

"Fine ,I choose the bond thingy."I said.

"Ok , cool."Zayn said clapping his hands together and rubbing them.

"who's first?"Louis asked.

"I'll go."Niall said walking towards me.

I just stood there like a statue.

"relax."Niall said.

I soon managed to do so.

"Ok, give me your wrist. "Niall instructed me.

I did as told.

Then he bit into my wrist.

After about 30 seconds,  he stopped.

"God, your blood is so sweet."Niall said wiping my blood on his sweat shirt.


"Alright."Niall said .

Then he bit into his wrist.

Blood began to drip.

He placed his wrist in front of my mouth.

*After Bonding*

I was on the sofa watching the tv show on oxygen called " Black Ink Crew."

There was a knock on the door, I was about to answer the door,but the boys came speeding down the stairs.

Harry opened the door, In the door was a dirty blonde haired guy standing in the door way.

"Wassup bros!"The dirty blonde haired guy said.

The boys greeted back.

Then the dirty blonde haired guy looked at me.

I looked back at the tv.

"Oh,this is Tia."Zayn said.

"Hey I'm Justin. "the dirty blonde haired guy said. 

I nodded and started watching tv again.

A couple minutes later,someone sat next to me.

"What are you?"Justin asked.


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