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Mystery #2

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Niall's POV

It's been 2 days since we buried Tia.

It only takes four days for humans to turn.All we did for two days was eat,We didn't really sleep much ,just watch.

I stared at the spot where we buried Tia .

Then I saw something move.

I think its Tia.Wait,no It takes four days for a human to turn, it's only been two.

Then I saw it move up and down again.

"Guys, do you see that?"I said while pointing to the spot that was moving.

"Yea,what is that?"Justin asked.

"I don't....know."Harry said slowly.

Then I smelled something.

it smelled, sweet.

"You guys smell that?"Liam asked while sniffing.

We all nodded while still sniffing the air.

Then the dirt broke open.

Then something zoomed out of the hole in the dirt.

There standing was a red eyed Tia with her fangs visible.Her skin wasn't a caramel color anymore.She was a light yellow color.

She was more stunning than she was when she was alive.

Tia's POV

The guys stood there shocked.

"What?"I asked.

"Wait,was that you?"Zayn asked.

"What?"I asked again.

"It smells sweet."Justin said sniffing the air.

I started sniffing the air.

"No I don't smell anything."I said with a shrug.

Then Zayn walked up to me and sniffed me.

Then he backed away ,when I saw his face he looked amazed.

"What?"I asked again.

I guess that's my favorite word now.

"Its you."he said bluntly.

"Wow, your blood smells three times sweeter than before."Niall said sniffing the air.

"Wait, vampires don't smell sweet when they are DEAD."Louis said.

I was shocked.

He said something that wasn't stupid!


"Well she looks dead."Justin said with a shrug.

Then the guys started observing me.

"It takes four days for a human to turn into a vampire, you turned in two days. How'd you manage to do that?"Niall asked.

I just shrugged.

"I'm HUNGRY. "Niall said.

Niall's outburst scared me causing me to jump.

"Let's go home?"Harry suggested.

We vampire sped back to their house.

I plopped down on the sofa.

Then all of a sudden I yawned.

Man I'm tired.

Then Justin all of a sudden appeared inches away from my face.

"Your tired?"Justin asked examining my face.

"Yea,I'm sure it's nothing."I said shrugging.

Then he put his hand on my head and quickly removed it.

"AHHHH SHIT!"Justin yelled looking down at his hand.

I looked down at his hand and saw his bare bones.

What. in. the. world.

Then his skin quickly recovered.

Then the rest of the guys came downstairs.

"What's wrong?"Niall asked.

"I think she has a fever."Justin stated.

"What,that's impossible."Zayn said.

"Oh yea? feel her head."Justin demanded.

Zayn put his hand on my head and quickly removed it.

His hand was now bare bones.

"AHHHH!"Zayn screamed.

"She said she's tired."Justin said.

"I didn't say I was tired, I was thinking it."I corrected.

"Same thing."He mumbled.

"This is bad. Louis go get a big bucket of cold water."Liam  demanded.

Louis did as told and ran upstairs.

"C'mon."Liam demanded.

We all went outside.

We were standing on the lawn.

Louis came out with the cold bucket of water.

He handed it to Zayn.

Then he splashed me with the water.I quickly closed my eyes.


When I opened my eyes all the boys had a shocked expression on their face.

"Vampires don't feel coldness because their already dead."Harry said.

So if I'm not a vampire, What am i?

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