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Tia's POV

I honestly don't remember me and Justin arguing.

"Well, why did you guys drag me out of the house?"I asked.

"Because you attacked your Dad."Niall spoke.


"Wow."I mumbled.

I looked in the back and saw Liyah holding Brooke.

Liyah gave me a little smile and held her out. I grabbed her gently and carefully and turned back around.

"Justin, do you remember what you said to Tia when she went over to Saud's kingdom?"Zayn asked.

"What did I say?"Justin shook his head.

They chose to ignore him.

Justin looked over at me."What did I say?"

"Do you even remember the incident with Brooke?"Louis asked.

"What happened with Brooke!"Justin asked.

We finally made it to Dan and Pam's and hopped out the car.

"Come on baby!"I squealed as we walked onto their porch.

Then door swung open revealing Pam and Dan.

Pam's eyes landed on the baby."Oh my gosh she's so beautiful!"She screeched as she grabbed Brooke. We walked inside.

"What's going on?"Dan smiled.

"Tia and Justin keep lashing out."Liam spoke.

"Like one minute they get angry and start spiraling out of control and one minute their  -normal and calm and they don't remember anything."Niall commented.

Dan walked over to the coffee table and grabbed the flashlight , flashed it in my eyes, and then in Justin's.

"Their pupils-"He paused.

"I know."Liam nodded his head.

"Lashing out, weird pupils, memory loss."Dan spoke, putting the three symptoms together.

I sighed as I waited.

"Sounds like the rave."He stated.

"The rave?"Justin blurted out.

"Yeah, it causes you to lash out and not remember whatever you done, it happened before in the -1830's."

Wow. He's old.

"Thanks."Dan smiled.

I quickly covered my mouth."Sorry."I laughed.

"No, no, it's fine."He smiled."Wait til' you find out how old your lover is."He winked.

The guys started to laugh.

That's not funny.

I looked over to see Justin smiling over at me.

"How old are you?"I asked.

"Let's just say I was alive during the Inquisition."



"So what's the best way to cure 'the rave'?"Harry asked.

"Nothing, just hope that it passes by smoothly."Dan shrugged.

We finally made it in the house.

Me and little Brooke are now upstairs in my room.

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