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Zayn's POV

Justin quickly picked up Tia bridal style as we walked towards our range rover.

I sat in the passengers side while Justin settled in driver seat.

I poked my head in the back.

"Where are we going?"Liyah asked shakily as she held Tia's upper half.

"To Dan's."I said as I turned around.

I noticed Justin kept looking in his rearview mirror looking at Tia.

Soon we stopped at a red light.

Justin drove around the jeep in front of us and drove away.

"Man, that was a red light."Niall said.

"I know, we have the money, we can pay the ticket."Justin said as he drove faster.

In a couple minutes we arrived at Dan and Pam's House

Louis carried Tia out of the car.

Then we started getting out of the car.

Justin anxiously knocked on the door.

Soon the door opened revealing Pam with a smile.As soon as she saw Tia, her smile disappeared.

She moved out of the way so we could enter.

"We need Dan ,Mart came to the park and we started fighting, next thing I knew He threw something in the air and Tia was on the ground,and she's pregnant."Liam said quickly.

Pam's eyes widened in worry.

Then Dan appeared.

His eyes widened as well. He motioned for us to come down the basement.

We sat Tia down on the black table and we started putting wires onto her stomach, head, and arms.

Tia quickly opened her eyes as she gasped for air ,her eyes widened.

She sat up slightly and started screaming.

"Hurry get this thing out!"She yelled as she started coughing up blood.

"Harry hand me a knife."Dan demanded.

He did as told.

Then she started shaking, and her eyes rolled in the back of her head, then she stopped moving.

Justin ran to the trash can near the basement door and started vomiting.

He must've been worrying to much.

Dan began to cut open Tia's stomach. Then he set the knife down and dug his hands in to Tia's stomach.

Soon he pulled out the baby.

The baby was covered in blood.

After a minute the baby started crying.

Pam came and wrapped the baby in a white blanket and cleaned her up.

I looked back at Tia and her stomach healed. But she still laid on the table lifeless.

Justin's POV

I still hovered over the trash can in case I throw up again.

Then Pam walked up to me with a sympathetic smile and the baby in her arms.

"It's a girl" She said as she handed the baby to me.

I held the baby gently in my arms.

She's beautiful, I couldn't help but smile.

I looked up and saw Tia lifelessly laying on the table and my smile quickly disappeared.

To Be Continued..

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