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Tia's Hero

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Liyah's POV

Me and Justin quickly stood up.

Then the rest of the guys appeared.

Zayn picked Tia up bridal style.

*At Home*

Tia was up stairs resting while me and the guys were downstairs.

"I have a feeling something is gonna happen."Harry said staring at the table.

"Like what?"Justin asked.

"I don't know,but something's gonna happen."Harry replied.

For a second,there was a moment of silence.

Then I stood up.

"I'm gonna go check on Tia."I said .

They all nodded.

I went upstairs and opened the door to see that Tia wasn't on the bed.

I checked in the bathroom and she wasn't there and for some reason I couldn't smell her blood anymore.

Then all of the guys came in the room .

"We can't smell Tia's blood anymore."Liam said.

"Tia isn't anywhere to be found."I replied.

I looked around the room and found a piece of paper on the bed.

I walked over to the bed, and grabbed the piece of paper and then read it.


If you guys want your precious little friend back,you have to come get her,in an hour I will break the no-scent spell so you can follow her scent.But I doubt you will get her back.


I handed the note to the guys.

"I can smell her blood now."Justin said.

"Let's go."Harry said.

*At Saud's Kingdom*

Harry's POV

We arrived at Saud's Kingdom .

But the guards were in front of the gate.

Here we go....

*Tia's POV*

I wonder if the guys are even trying to find me.

I sure hope so.

Right now I'm in a dark dark room, but good thing I'm a vampire.

I'm also tied up to a chair.

I've been sitting in this dump for what seems like forever.

Then Saud entered the room.

"Hey baby,did you miss me?"He asked as he walked towards me.

"Not once you pedophile."I said harshly.

Then Saud laughed a very dark laugh.

"I'm not a pedophile."He said harshly as he slammed his hand down on the chrome table.

It made me jump a little.

Then he walked closer to me.

"Why won't you give up, huh?"He asked.

"Because, I don't belong to you."I replied.

"Who do you belong to, because you don't belong to anyone, and last time I checked, I can have someone that doesn't belong to anyone."He told me.

"I belong to my friends."I replied.

"Which are?"He asked.

"The boys, and Liyah."I replied.

Then he started walking around me in circles.

"If you belonged to your friends,wouldn't they be saving you by now?"He asked.

"Well i-"I was cut off.

"If they were your real friends, they would've never left your side when you passed out."He continued.

"I don't need to be babysat, I'm not a toddler nor a child!"I said in frustration.

"I can give you a better life."He said.

"I don't need you nor do I want you, what makes you think I would want a pedophile that kidnaps people?"I asked coldly.

He stayed silent.

"Another thing is, how could you give me a better life when I'm already dead, and it was your fault that I had to turn into a vampire anyways?!?"I yelled.

"Enough!"He yelled frustratedly.

"I hate you."I said harshly.

Then all of sudden Saud dropped to the floor.

What happened?

Then the door busted down,and there Justin stood.

"Justin!"I said relieved.

Then Justin ran over to me and untied me.

I stood up quickly and hugged him.

"I'm so happy to see you."I said happily.

Then he hugged back.

Then we pulled away.

"Wow, I'm surprised you're happy to see me."Justin said with a smile.

But this smile, this smile was different,it was so heartwarming.

Then I noticed we both started leaning in.

As soon as our lips touched ,our lips shocked each other.

Causing us to jump.

I moved my hands up to my lips

"Ouch."he mumbled.

"Why does that keep happening?"I asked.

He shrugged.

"Umm w-we should go."He said as he grabbed my hand hesitantly.

Then I felt a shock again. I tried to ignore the electronic feeling since Justin was ignoring it.

And then we started walking down the large hallways .

"Where are the rest of the guys?"I asked as we walked down hallways.

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