Beating Heart

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Tia's POV

Then we broke from the kiss once we heard clapping.

It was the guys and Liyah.

"Finally!"Louis screamed.

"Whatever."I said as I playfully shoved Louis.

"Alright girls, me and the guys had a discussion and decided to buy another house for you two so we can have our manly groove back."Zayn said happily.

"Manly?"Liyah asked.

"Yea."Niall said as he sat in the island.

"Umm,okay."I said.

*After moving*

The house is big but not a big as the other one.

Right now I'm upstairs,unpacking.

When I finished I ran downstairs and saw the guys playing Mario Kart on the wii.

"Agh,Browser keeps hittin' me!"Justin cried.


I noticed Liyah wasn't in the living room ,so I went into the kitchen and saw her sitting on a stool and on her phone.

"Hey!"I said happily as I sat on the counter.

Then she looked up from her phone to glance at me.

"Hey!"she squealed.


Before I could finish my sentence the guys came barging in the kitchen.

"What's up!"Harry yelled.

"Shhh don't forget we have neighbors."I said.

"Party pooper."Liam mumbled.

"I won't be the party pooper once the neighbors call the cops on us for disturbing the neighborhood."I said crossing my arms.

"Well tell the neighbors to mind their damn business."Niall said with an attitude.

We all started laughing.

Then the door bell rang.

Justin quickly hopped off the counter and walked into the living room.

Then I heard a deep voice.

Must be a boy.

"Wow. You guys are inviting people over a house that's not even yours!" Liyah said.

Then Niall looked at her.

"We bought this house so shut up."Niall said.

I could tell Liyah rolled her eyes at him.

"Guys come in here!"Justin called.

Then the guys stood up and walked into the living room.

Then I heard the boys greet the unknown one.

"Girls too!"Justin said.

I sighed, and me and Liyah jumped off the counter and walked into the living room.

When we entered the living room, I saw a well-built boy , he had a pale complexion and he had blue eyes and brown hair.

"Zac this is Tia and Liyah."Justin said as he pointed at us.

"Hey." We both said.

"Why hello."Zac said slowly as stared at me and Liyah.

"Aye, you can stare at Liyah but not at Tia cause she's off limits."Justin said as he pointed at Zac.

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