I'm A Monster

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I woke to see Brooke in my face.

"Are you up yet?"She asked.

"Yeah."I mumbled.

"Well come on Mwommy!"She screamed as she jumped on the bed.

I sat up."Did you take a bath?"I yawned.

"Yeah!"She smiled."Daddy gave me one."

"Ooh, ok."I shrugged as I stood up.

"Go downstairs and eat."I said."I'll be down in a while."

"Okay!"She happily shrugged and then skipped out of the room.

I did my regular routine. And put on high waisted jeans, white short sleeve shirt, and a light mint green floral kimono jacket with my pink high heels.

I curled my hair in loose curls.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Good morning."I stated.

They all replied with a 'good morning.'

I ruffled Jamie's sandy brown hair. He shyly chuckled and nuzzled his head into the crook of Liyah's neck.

He's so cute.

I noticed Justin looked down at my feet and slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

"What?"I asked.

"Since when do you wear heels?"Niall asked with his eyebrows furrowed also.

I looked around and the rest of the guys looked at me in confusion.

"Since I like them."I smirked.

"I think you look pwetty Mwommy."Brooke gave me a huge grin.

"Thank you Sweetie pie."I smiled as I gave Brooke a kiss on her cheek.

"What's the special occasion?"Selena asked.

"Just going out with a friend."

"Who?"Justin asked with a look of confusion.

"Dwew (Drew), He's super fun!"She squealed.

"More fun than me?" Justin asked, pretending to be sad.

"Don't be a cwybaby Daddy."Brookie playfully rolled her eyes.

We couldn't all help but laugh.

I took a seat next to Brookie.

Brookie hopped down from her stool."C'mon Jamie, wets go play!"

"Okay!"Jamie hopped out of Liyah's lap, and together Brookie and Jamie ran into the living room.

"Be careful!"Me and Liyah said in unison.

Mommy instincts.

Selena chuckled."They're so cute."She looked down in awe.

She loves kids, I guess.

"Handful."Liyah corrected.

I nodded in agreement.

"They can't be that bad."Selena replied as if they were perfect angels sent from above.

"Oh yeah? Brooke one time knocked down all of the clothes rackets in the babies section. Don't ask me how-- she just did."

Selena laughed like it was the worlds most funniest anecdote ever.

I gave her an awkward smile.

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