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Tia's POV

We walked into the house dreadfully.

I feel so weak, and tired.

I carefully sat down on the couch and closed my eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

Niall's POV

I watched Little Brooke as she slept in her bassinet.

She's so beautiful.

"Tia's out like a light."Harry walked over to the fridge.

"She should be, she's been through enough for today."Liam commented.

I walked over to the cabinets and grabbed out a jar of nutella, a bag of sour cream and onion chips, and a big jar of pickles.

I sat back down and dipped a pickle into the nutella and took a bite.

"Mmm."I groaned as I took another bite.

I looked up to see Liyah looking at me in disgust.

"Want some?"I smiled as I shoved my creation into her face.

She backed up a little."Give me a break."She rolled her eyes as she took the seat across from me.

I happily shrugged as I combined a chip with the pickle and the nutella.

I'd marry food if I could.

Justin walked into the kitchen with a baby bottle and a bib.

He opened the fridge and grabbed a blood bag and began filling the bottle up with blood.

I heard Little Brooke squirming around in her bassinet.

Instantly, Tia zoomed into the kitchen. Standing near the bassinet.

"What's wrong?"She asked while rocking the bassinet back and forth.

"She's hungry, I got her. You go rest."Justin instructed as he picked up Little Brooke and gave her the bottle.

Tia sat across from Liam."I'm fine."

"Dan said you are to rest for the rest of the day."Liam told her.

"No. I feel fine."

I picked up the little bit of my creation I had left and held it out so that Tia could see.

"Want some, nutella buddy?"

She looked at my creation with a chuckle."No thanks."

Tia's POV

I reached over the counter and grabbed a chip out of the bag and popped it in my mouth.

Liyah stood up and walked out the kitchen.

"She smells so good."Justin mumbled as he sniffed Little Brooke.

"What does she smell like?"Louis asked with a shrug.

"I don't know -just sweet."He shrugged as he closed his eyes and continued to sniff Little Brooke.

What is wrong with him?

"Sweeter than Tia?"Zayn asked.

When Justin opened his eyes, they turned red and his fangs came out."Get her away from me!"He demanded as he stood up.

I quickly zoomed over to Justin and grabbed the baby."What the hell is wrong with you!"I yelled.

"She's making me hungry!"He yelled as he heaved in and out as he tried to walk over to me.

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