Liyah's Nightmare

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Liyah's POV


I was in the middle of a grass terrain , and a little further away was a little lake.

But other than that,grass surrounded me.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around to the same shadow figure from when I was running in the woods.

I gasped.

I began to run as far away from that shadow without looking back.

But then the shadow appeared in front of me.


I turned back around And there he was again.

But this time he decided to choke me.

I tried to gasp for air but it was no use. His grip on my neck was to tight.

Tia's POV

"What's going on?"The guys asked in harmony.

"There's no time to explain just make her wake up!"I yelled.

Then the guys rushed over to Liyah, and so did I.

We all tried to wake her up.

She wouldn't bulge.

Then she wrapped her hand around her neck.

Saud must be choking her!

"No! He's choking her!"I screamed.

Then the guys looked at me.

"Make him stop!"I yelled to the guys.

Then they brought their attention back to Liyah.

"Niall go get a bucket of cold water."Justin demanded.

Niall sped into my bathroom and came back in seconds with a bucket of cold water.

Then Niall handed the bucket to Justin.

Liyah's POV

The Shadow choked me tighter to the point where I was getting weak and light headed.

Then coldness washed over me,and I started coughing up water.

What's going on?

Tia's POV

Justin splashed the water on Liyah and soon she started coughing and gasping for air.

Then she sat up.

I quickly sat by her side.

"Thank God your okay."I said in relief.

Then I hugged her.And she hugged back.

Soon we pulled apart.

"Thanks guys."me and Liyah said to the boys.

"Welcome"they said in harmony.

"Now that Saud was in your dreams you can't go back to sleep."Liam told Liyah.

"Why not?"Liyah asked.

"Because, he's going to force you to go to sleep,that's what happened to me and then he's going to find a way to get inside of your head."I told her.

"So what you suggest I'd do?"she asked.

The guys looked at me waiting for me to tell her the answer .

"The guys have to turn you into a vampire."I told her.

Her eyes grew wide and her mouth literally sagged to the floor.

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