It's A Miracle

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Justin's POV

I stared at Tia for what felt like for ever.

I looked around and noticed everyone was gone.

Then Liyah came down stairs with a sympathetic smile, he eyes we red.

She's been crying.

"Hey." She said as she gave me a side hug.

"Hey." I whispered.

Tia's POV

I tried to wake up, but my eyes wouldn't let me.

"Hey." I heard a familiar voice say.

That must be Liyah.

"Hey."I heard another familiar voice whisper. But this voice was a deeper and groggy.

That's definitely Justin.

"Can I hold her?"I heard Liyah whisper.

Its a girl!

"Yea."I heard him reply.

Then I heard shifting and foot steps going in the opposite direction.

Then I heard more foot steps coming towards me.

Then I felt someone grab my hand.

"Tia, I need you, just, please..... come back." Justin sniffled."Who's gonna help me take care of our baby girl if your not here?"

Then he moved my hand around some where until I felt something hard.

And soon I felt something pounding.

"You're the only one who has my heart."I heard him say,

I tried to move the hand that was against his chest. I wanted to prove to him that I wasn't dead.

But my hand wouldn't bulge.

Then I felt Justin let go of my hand.

C'mon Tia, open your eyes. I thought to myself.

I tried with all of my might to open my eyes.

I can do this.

I tried even harder.

Then my eyes finally opened.

I painfully sat up.

And looked over to see Justin sitting on a chair with his hair ruffled and his head in his hands.

"Baby." I called as I rubbed my eyes.

His head shot up as he stared into the mid air.

His face held no emotion.

I weakly waved my hand to get his attention.

He glanced at me then looked away.

Then he did a double take and he stared at me in a shocked but relieved way.

He quickly made his way towards me and caressed my cheek.

I shivered under his touch. Then he kissed me gently on the lips, and pulled me into a painful hug.

I grunted a little.

He pulled back quickly.

"Sorry, I'm just glad you're okay."He smiled.

I smiled."I love you."I replied.

"And I'll never stop loving you."He replied.

"Where's the baby?"I asked.

"Oh right, she's upstairs."He said as he grabbed my hand and helped me stand up.

I painfully walked up the stairs.

As soon as we entered the kitchen everyone looked at me with a shocked expression on their faces.

"Hey."I said weakly.

Then they all stood up and drowned me with their hugs.

"We're all glad that you're okay honey."Pam said.

I nodded."Thank you Pam and Dan, I owe you guys."I said gratefully.

"Anytime sweetie."Dan said.

Then I spotted my baby in Louis' arms.

"Can I hold her?"I asked with a smile as I reached my hands out.

"Of course."Louis said as he stood up and handed me the baby.

I grabbed her gently and placed her in my arms.

I looked down at The most precious gift ever.

I admired her features: Her pale caramel colored skin, and she had Justin's perfect features.

I grabbed her small hand and kissed it.Then her eyes fluttered open revealing her light brown eyes.

"What should we name her?"I asked as I looked up at Justin.

"I was thinking about Brooke but y-"

"It's perfect."I interrupted.

I smiled.

"Brooke Justine Bieber."I said.

Justin's eyes lit up.

"I love it."Justin replied as he kissed Brooke's cheek.

To Be Continued..

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