Odd Girl

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"What do you mean?"I asked curiously.

"I get this weird vibe from you."He said.

"I'm human."I said while laughing awkwardly.

"You're not human."He said seriously.

You might think I'm bipolar but at this point he was pissing me off.

"How the hell are you going to tell me what I am or what I'm not?"I asked impatiently.

"look I'm not trying to be on your bad side. "he said with his hands up showing he surrendered.

I nodded and started watching tv again.

Harry's POV

Me and the guys were in the kitchen talking.

Then I noticed Justin was missing.

"JUSTIN! "I yelled.

Then Justin appeared.

"Yo! why do you have to yell, I can here you, even if you whisper."Justin said sitting on a chair.

"Oh yea, sorry mate ."I said while laughing a bit.

Everyone laughed exept Justin, he was staring at the wall like he was thinking hard.

"What's going on mate?"I asked.

Then he snapped back to reality.

"Guys......I don't think Tia's human...."he said slowly.

"We all thought the same thing mate."Niall said taking a bite into his sandwich.

Zayn's POV

Justin started sniffing the air.

"Something smells sweet...."Justin said still sniffing the air.


"Dude What are you talking about?"Louis said laughing.

Justin stood up and kept sniffing while walking into the living room.

We all followed him.

He kept sniffing while looking around the room.

Then he spotted Tia and stopped.

What is he doing?

"It's her."Justin said pointing to Tia.

"I guess since we've been around her so much , we got used to the sweet smell of her blood." I explained in a whisper.

"See, this is what the hell I'm talking about, I've never smelt a human's blood that smelled that sweet."he whispered.

Then Tia stood up and walked towards us.

"Will you guys be quiet!?! And I am human so shut the hell up!!"she yelled.

Uhh....how in the HELL did she hear us? We we were whispering .

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