Then Who Is It?

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Tia's POV

I woke up to see that Justin wasn't there anymore.

I stood up and walked downstairs.

No one was here.....

I decided to go back up stairs and take a shower.

Then I put on my sweat pants and my sweatshirt and put my hair into a messy bun.

I went back downstairs and sat down on the couch and started to watch tv.

A couple seconds later the guys including Liyah came busting through the front door laughing with I IHOP bags in their hands.

"Hey why didn't you guys wake me up so I could go!"I yelled.

"We didn't stay there we just grabbed some food."Liyah said.

"Oh."I replied calmly.

"I bought you some pancakes and turkey bacon!"Justin said happily as he held up the IHOP bag.

"I did to."Harry glared at Justin.

Then Justin glared at Harry.

"I was fifty cents short, shut up."Justin pouted.

We all couldn't help but laugh.

I quickly grabbed the bag out of his hands.

"Thanks guys."I said as I walked into the kitchen.

I could feel the guys following me.

"You were talking to me right?"Justin asked.

"I was talking to both you, and Harry." I replied.

"You should be talking to me only."I heard Justin pout.

"Too bad she was talking to me as well." Harry said taking a bite out of his bacon sandwich.

I heard Justin growl.

The weird part is that he sounded just like a dog or a wolf.

My eyes quickly landed on Justin.

I observed his every move.

Is he a dog or a wolf?

Could he be a dog or a wolf?

He quickly looked at me and back down and continued to eat.

I guess he didn't notice me staring .

Well he doesn't eat like a dog.

He doesn't smell like one.

Then he stopped what he was doing and looked back up at me.

"What?"He asked.

I guess he did notice.

"Nothing"I bluntly replied.

"This omelet is so good!"Niall moaned.

"Everything's good to you." Liam said.

"Nu-uh."Niall replied childishly with a mouthful of eggs.

Louis stood up and grabbed a blood bag from out of the fridge.

I stood up and put my food into the microwave.

Then I walked into the living room to watch 'Braxton Family Values'.

"Hey." Liyah said as she landed right next to me.

I nodded.

I wonder if Justin's a dog and a vampire.

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