Silence's past

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Rose POV (9 years old)

"Kill her," he ordered again.

I was frozen on the spot, I could not seem to bring myself to do it. Not to my sister.

"She was just born, she hasn't lived to be two mouths yet," my voice sounded soft, I knew in any given moment I would start crying.

He came in front of me, but I was too scared to look up. I knew he was looking at me in disappointment.

"Who are you?" he asked me in a low voice.

"Rose Garner," I answered.

His hand grabbed my chin tightly making me look up at him. The monster.

"And what were you born to do!?" he yelled in front of my face, making my small comparing body flinch.

I took a deep breath knowing if I didn't I would lose the control I have worked so hard on keeping. "I was born to kill," I whispered.


"I was born to kill!"

He moved his hand away from my chin, satisfied with my answer and grabbed my arm yanking me toward the small white crib at the edge of the large room. I wanted to move away. To try anything to get out of doing this but I knew I couldn't.

"Please, please the baby has nothing to do with this please. Rose don't do this," The lady with a white long dress sobbed from the wooden chair she was tied on.

"She never cried for you like that has she," he whispered behind me as if he could read my mind, "She will never love you. Remember that day I threw you out of the pack to survive on your own for 3 months? Did she say anything to stop me?"

She didn't.

"Rose please," the lady sobbed making me give her my attention, "Do this, for me. Do not kill her. Don't. She did not do anything wrong."

I looked at the crib where a small baby girl is probably sleeping soundly. Then I turned to the lady, "Your right."

I walked toward her, "She didn't, but you did. You sleep and cheated on my father only to bare the other man's child. You constantly neglected me all those years because you only wanted to be with someone with power, but with your stupidity you ended up bearing a child, me. Now you happen to find someone you actually fell in love with and bare with child again. Seriously, Sandra, you are not that smart."

I look her straight in the eye and for the first time ever, I feel superior to her. Why? Because also, for the first time ever, I am not the person that my father is angry at.

"Let me kill her," I said with no hesitation nor flinching. I have been waiting since the day I was born to see Sandra have any affection toward me, her daughter. But I never got it. All she has ever given me was a roll of the eyes and sometimes slaps across the cheek when she was in a bad mood.

But a few months ago she started seeming less, dead. She even smiled once at the mention of guards coming back. I wasn't the only one who noticed this change of mood. It wasn't until my father smelled through Sandra's pathetic excuse of scent concealer, a male scent concealer.

My father was ready to humiliate her by sending her to other packs to use her as whatever they wanted. That is, until he noticed there was someone growing inside her.

He waited 9 months so that the baby could be born, but when some believed my father was giving Sandra and the baby mercy, I knew otherwise. He wanted Sandra to get to love the child, then when the time came he would kill it.

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