Silence Knows

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I hadn't noticed I was crying till Alex brought his finger up to my temple to whip away the tear that escaped my lost emotions.

I was still under him but his hands weren't holding mine anymore, one was placed on my waist while the other placed next to my cheek, rubbing them for comfort.

While he was doing this all he did was stare at me.

"You're from the Night Dove Pack," he said softly with admiration.

I breathed deeply, accidently brushing my breast with his chest. This little movement caused him to readjust himself in between my leg causing me to feel a sensation I haven't felt since our first kiss.

"Please...stop," I whispered silently not wanting to give in on what he was offering me. I knew my face was flushed red, lost in Alex. He had listened to my story, or at least the beginning of it, and I never felt closer to him.

"How could I?" he asked seductively as his hand rose up to touch my legs, going further up with each breath I took.

"I have a member of the Night Dove Pack beneath me, it is taking everything I have not to mark you this very second and proclaim you mine to the whole world."

His other hand slipped under my shirt and started rubbing my stomach in a sensitive manner. "Here," he said.

Between my breaths I gathered the courage to speak, " you mean by here?"

He look at me then lowered his head near my neck, and began to kiss it, "Here," he rubbed my stomach in a circular manner, "Is where our children will develop. I can only see you carrying my future heirs, only you."

I laid there in shock not knowing what to do. He just told me he wanted me to carry his children. I'm not ready for children, I don't even think I am ready to be mated with him.

I'm only nineteen, I'm still too young to be thinking about carrying children. Especially the children of an alpha.

With his confession I realized who was on top of me; an alpha. If I choose him it means I would be the Luna of a pack. I'm not ready for such responsibility.

"I-I," I had no idea what to say.


Luckily Jackson's yell stopped me from having to respond.

I sat up, which led Alex to move away from my neck and onto my lap.

"I need to go," I tried to move away from him to get off the bed but he grabbed onto my waist making me stay in my spot.

"Stay. He is old enough to spend some time away from you," he growled, clearly being annoyed about us being interrupted.

He raised my shirt and started kissing his way up. I was lost in him again, only to be pulled back out by Jackson's yelling.

"No, I really have to go," I pushed him off of me and arranged my shirt neatly. When I was looking myself in the mirror I noticed my hair wasn't blocking my left eye anymore. When did this happen?

"I moved it anyway from your face while you were talking," Alex said behind me, seeing the alarm on my face from the mirror.

I quickly covered my eye with my hand and turned around to leave.

When I almost made it to the door a strong hand grabbed my arm, but I did not dare turn around.

"For what it is worth, I think it looks beautiful."

My breath was caught and I did not believe my heart still belonged to me, because it was beating quicker than I have ever felt it beat.

"Thanks," I said quietly and I slipped my arm away from him and headed out.

After searching for Jackson I found him having a conversation with Olive in the kitchen, not wanting to interrupt I stayed hidden and listened in on what they were saying.

"So to make the long story short, I am very very very sorry," I heard Olive say.

I heard a sigh from Jackson, "Don't worry about it."

After a few seconds of silence I wanted to make my appearance but was stopped when I heard Olive speak again.

"Are you going to tell her?"


"No way. She already has Alex to worry about, she doesn't have time for me right now," I heard him say angrily, making me get curious about what he was hiding.

"She is your sister, you are supposed to tell her everything," Olive exclaimed, making me now know that Jackson was hiding something from me.

"Last thing she needs is an eleven year-old--who can now shift, on her back to worry about. It's to stressing for her, she has stuff to worry about and one of those things is not going to be me," he finished.

Jackson can shift.

I moved my hand over my mouth to stop myself from sobbing on the spot.

He could shift and he hasn't told me?

Before I could get caught I quietly ran to the room with tears filling up my eyes. When I got there I closed the door and sat on the edge of my bed.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" I asked myself stupidly.

How could I not notice?

He is like my little brother, and he decided not to tell me because he was worried I would be too busy to think about him?


Did I make him think that way?

Oh no no no. I'm so stupid! I've been so caught up with Alex and being Luna I never asked Jackson how he felt about all of this.

"I'm so stupid," I whispered. Shifting was something big for us werewolves and here Jackson was, keeping it a secret from me.

I was drifting away from Jackson, the only family I was working so hard to protect is drifting away from me.

I need to do something.

And quick.

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