Silence has someone

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"Rose, can you teach me how to fight?"

"No way."

"What? Rose, you said when I turn eleven you would teach me how to fight."

"Yeah, but are you eleven yet?"

"I will be tomorrow."

"Then wait till tomorrow."


"Sure but only the basics. I'll teach you more once you can shift."


Jackson and I are currently walking through the woods. And as always he wants me to teach him how to fight. He is such a pup.

"Why do I have to wait till I can shift? I bet I can be awesome! And when I can shift I would be already able to fight! I'll be able to protect you instead of you protecting me."

He always asks me the same questions over and over again, but I always give him the same answer. He never learns, does he?

"Jackson, you know when you shift you'll be able to keep up with the more advanced training but right now you're too weak to learn. Until you can shift I will only teach you the basics. Till then I'll be the one protecting you. End of story."

As we continued walking I heard him mumbling.

"Remember what your mom used to say about mumbling."

He stops on top of a rock and began to go deep in thought, probably thinking about his mom. I know she is dead but I won't let him do whatever he wants just because she passed away.

"She said it's improper," he sighed. "Rose do you think we can stop and rest? I'm kind of tired, we have been walking the whole day."

I sighed as well. It's true, we have been walking since we woke up this morning and haven't stopped since. It will be only a few more minutes till midnight.

"Alright. Go behind that rock I need to take off my clothes so that I can shift. If you turn around I'll make you sleep upside down on a tree."

Jackson quickly went behind the rock in a flash. He has been scared of sleeping upside down on a tree ever since I hung him up one when he ran off one morning without telling me.

I chuckle. I'm very lucky to have Jackson.

I gently take off my mask that covers everything below my nose and put it in my backpack. Then I take off a beanie cap that hides my long curly dirty blonde hair and left eye. It's nice to me able to feel the wind through my hair for a change.

I then take off my chest protector and the rest of my clothes and place them in my backpack.

"Oh, my gosh Rose how long is it going to take you to shift!"

Did he just yell at me? Damn kid sometimes gets on my nerves sometimes.

"If you yell at me one more time I'm going to bet the hell out of you! I'll shift in a minute!"

I quickly shift and move over behind the tree where Jackson is.

He sighs when he sees me. "Your wolf is very pretty."

She truly is. My wolf is strong and pretty big for a she-wolf. She has one blue eye on the left with a scar running over it, like me. And when I'm Silence I usually hide my scared blue eye behind my beanie cap. It's not every day you see someone with one blue eye and a scar over it. When in wolf form the other eye without the scar is black but in human form, it's light brown.

Her tail is the color of gold while the rest of her fur is white.

It's really rare. I usually hate to shift because of my fur is and how much power I show. When I am in my wolf form other wolves can smell the power from far away.

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