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Sorry this is not an update

They Call Me Silence is getting more and more popular by the day, I constantly get notifications from Wattpaders putting it on their reading list (Thanks a lot).

I was not expecting this story to be as popular as it is.

Usually, I would just have an urge to write down a story plot and went to this story to let it all out, without really think through or minding what I was putting in.

Many of you have noticed a lot of my errors and I am so happy for y'all because I need as much help as I can get to help this story not become a total waste that I have let it become. I want to actually try giving this story a bigger chance and making it a good read for many people and not just a place I can randomly vent out my itch to write. 

With that being said, I need to know as many errors as possible.

Because I have been writing this story for longer than a year (literally) and I keep forgetting facts about it, I even forget side characters (like...do any of y'all even remember Kayla...Kyla? I forgot her name but she was some girl that Rose talked to once in Alex's pack house)

So if there are any errors or things that need to be fixed PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE address them to me ASAP because I want to focus on making this story better.

Another thing.....

I am active on Wattpad, like, I am on it every day.

(I am on it reading, not writing most of the time)

I know I should focus on writing more for this story but truth be told I have lots to do with little time to do everything, it all just stressing me out.

I don't want to write because I have a deadline to reach or because I am constantly stressing over what I am going to write next.

I refuse to stress over something I love.

So as much as I wish I could update more frequently, I just can't.

My inspiration comes and goes and my urge to write is a mystery all on its own.

(Sorry, I know how it feels to be waiting for a story to reach its ending or to at least update.)

I hope this clears some things up on why I do not write that much, why this story seems to be everywhere sometimes, and why I have so many errors.

Thank you so much for reading this story I really appreciate it 

<3 <3 <3 

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