Silence's end (Part 1)

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"No way."

I look up at Jackson with confusion. What does he mean 'no way'? I have no other choice to make. Either I stay here with the Night Doves to make sure they stay controlled or leave and risk the safety of everyone who they cross paths with.

"Jackson, you don't underst--"

"No, you don't understand!" My eyes widen at his outburst as he continues what he was saying while his eyes watered.

"Rose, I know I'm not as old as you and you'll never see me as anything more than a little brother, but there are things that I just know. And one of those things is that you shouldn't have to stay here. You always sacrifice everything for others. You sacrificed your life to try and save Sophie's. Sacrificed your way of living just to take care of me."

"You are even sacrificing your happiness just so that everyone else can be safe. But what's in it for you? After all you have done nothing seems to go right. Just please, come with us. Be happy, that's all I ever want for you."

Jackson was crying by the time he was done. I grabbed him and pulled him toward me for a hug. He cried on my shoulder as a few tears slid down my cheek as well.

"Jackson I can't, I'm so--"


I quickly pulled Jackson and Olive behind me as the door slammed open revealing Pepper and Robert.

Pepper's face was fuming red, she was angrier than usual.

"Those little shits!" She yelled pointing behind me at Jackson and Olive. "They killed them, they killed my cousins!"

I pulled them further behind me. "What are you talking about?"

A dry laugh escaped her lips. "Those 'kids' you're protecting, killed my cousins!" She stepped closer and I growled in response.

"Step the hell away from them," I ordered. Shifting wasn't a problem now, if I needed to I could at any moment without a worry of the consequences.

"Like hell I will!" Then she charged.

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