Silence wants him back

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"You know you guys can call me Olive, right?"

Both Jackson and I turned over to Olivia who was causally walking next to us.

"Yeah? And why is that?" I asked even though I already knew the answer. I just want to hear her say it.

"Because as soon as you invited me to eat with you two, we became friends."

Well, I know what she means. If someone invited me out to eat I wouldn't hesitate to make them my friend either.

"Well Olive since you live around here. Is there a place where they serve pancakes?"

She runs in front of both Jackson and me with a never leaving the smile on her face.

"Of course! Pancakes are awesome! I know an awesome place my brother takes me all the time! Follow me we are close!"

Jackson looks over to me. "Rose you sure? Her pack is close and we really didn't get permission to pass their territory."

I shrug. "It's fine. We will try not passing their territory. I know where the territory of wolves pack begin and end."

He sighed. "Okay, whatever. Lets hurry before we lose sight of Olive."

Without wasting any more time I begin running at a small rate. I have two kids with me, if I run at full speed they won't be able to match me. 


"Okay, here we are! They make amazing pancakes! Let us go in!"

Olive quickly jumped inside the diner in front of us.

On top, it said "Mary's Diner"

It seemed alright.

After waiting a while Jackson soon caught up next to me. "Well it looks harmless," he said through each breath.

It smelled like food. And no wolfs were inside which was good. "Come on Jackson. Olive is waiting."

We slowly walked inside the diner. Where very few people were inside.

"Rose! Jackson! Come seat down I found us a booth and I got us all a menu."

Both Jackson and I made our way to the booth Olive choose. It was nice since it was at the corner of the diner and had a window with the view of the parking lot.

Thank goodness she chooses a booth. I would have to re-think some things if she chooses to seat at a table.

Booths are absolutely my favorites.

"I already know what I'm getting. What about you two!" asked Olive. She was so loud and happy. I wonder how her brothers keep up with her.

"I'll just get a number 2 and you Jackson?" I asked. He was seating next to me thinking about what type of pancake he wanted.

"I'll get the same."

Not so long after an old lady came by and took our orders.

"Okay, kids the pancakes will be ready in a few minutes. Please wait."

"Yes, ma'am thank you very much," I said as I gave the lady a warm smile.

"No problem. And you know what, I'll give you a discount. It's not every day I see a young single mother out here taking such good care of her children. I'll be back with your food. Bye-bye now."

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