Silence doesn't know you

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When I got to Alex's office I knocked on the door about three times before I heard his voice telling me to come in.

I took the little moment I had in front of his door to shake off any worry that I might be feeling. I can't let him know I am nervous, I have to be strong.

I opened the door but I was quickly caught off guard when the yelling guy from dinner almost ran into me.

"Who are you?" He asked as he looked at me up and down.

"Roy, let her in. She's my guest, Rose," I heard Alex say from inside the office, he sounded different I wanted to see if it was really him but 'Roy' was standing in front of me, completely blocking the view to Alex. 

"Rose? Silence's Rose? His famous girlfriend? Jackson's sister?" A creepy smile made its way to his lips.

Why is he asking so many questions? 

"Yes, now take Daniel with you and leave," Alex ordered with his still weird sounding voice but I moved those thoughts aside because I was thankful he told Roy to move away.

I watched how another guy walked out of the office alongside Roy. I remembered him from dinner. The one who told off the maid Karla. 'Daniel'.

The two guys walked away only watching me for a few seconds before they turned the corner.. When they were out of sight I took it as a sign to enter the office.

I closed the door behind me and turned around to find Alex in front of his desk with a stupid smirk.

Is it just a hot guy thing to smirk all the time or something?

"Luna, I was starting to think you'll choose death before me."

Trust me I would have, but I have Jackson to take care of. 

"Look, Alex, it's late, I'm tired and I bet you are too we shou--"

I was cut short when I felt Alex grab me by my waist and push me toward him without any struggle. My eyes widened but I was completely speechless when I was slammed into the wall, caged against Alex's chest.

All I saw in his eyes were darkness. No hint of his own eye color present. This wasn't Alex, it was his wolf.

"H-hey look--"

"If you think this is going to be a quick and simple kiss then you are way wrong. I'll make sure to make you feel every inch of my passion for you in this kiss. I only have a minute," he took out his phone to show a timer set for one minute. He walked closer to me just looking at me like a piece of meat. And he was very hungry.

"Let's make it count," he started the timer.


One moment he was inches away and the next there was no space between us at all, and I had officially had my first kiss.

I kept my eyes open still in shock but started to close them when Alex's wolf starting working his way toward my response. I found myself trying to hold his shoulders to pull him away but something inside me was stopping me from doing so. 

Then my wolf spoke.

Kiss him.

I can't. This isn't Alex (not like I would want to kiss him back if it was him).

Kiss him!

Something inside of me clicked. Just as Alex's wolf was moving away from me for some reason I found myself grabbing him by the shoulders and pushing back to my lips.

I pushed him closer to me wanting no space in between us at all.

I heard him groan against my lip, not long later I heard myself make a strange noise too. I believe it was a...moan.

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