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One month later...

"You know how long you've been here, right?"

Way too long but I didn't mind. I wanted answers but I wasn't getting them. For however long it takes I will stay here till my questions get answered. It's better that I am here than them over there at Alex's territory where they could easily harm Olive and Jackson.

My eyes were closed, I usually spent my days like this. My arms and legs tied up while my head dangles weakly. Sometimes I have a bloody nose other times I have a busted lip but that's it. They don't do anything else but punch me or slap me.

That's how I knew I was back home in Robert's territory.

My hair was tugged on and I was forced to look at Pepper, a girl I've gotten to known here. She was the guard responsible for me.

She is a huge bitch.

"I asked you a question, answer it."

I disliked opening my eyes because the place where they had me was where I killed my mother. But sometimes I liked opening them, like when Pepper comes in with a different hair style to which I love making fun of in my head or when the morning comes and all I see is the sun rising from the window. 

"I do not know how long I have been here," I answer with a rough voice. It has become common for my voice to be rough nowadays, I never get enough water or food and I only get to shower once a week.

She chuckles but stops immediately and kicks my chair with enough force to tumble me over. I groan because the pain coming from my back was practically unbearable. "You feel that huh? The whip sure did a thing to your back," Pepper taunted.

Last night my father was the one who visited me, I would ask him constantly why he wanted Olive. Why now? After so many years, why does he need her and why did he take me?

For every question I asked him, was a whip for my back. I got whipped 13 times last night and Pepper was there watching with a smirk on her face.

Pepper walked up to me from where I was still lying on the ground from her pushing me. "You are pathetic. Betraying us, leaving your position as queen, what for? So you could come back and be killed at the hands of my king? Utterly stupid." She pressed her boot on my chest to the point I was gasping for air.

"I do not understand why everyone is so afraid of you. Ever since you left it was known to everyone here that I was the strongest, I was one of the only people capable of being your guard. And here I thought it was going to be a challenge, my abilities are being wasted on someone as weak as you."

I knocked out a little by the end of her speech but I was still conscious. Pepper might have noticed this and removed her boot from my chest. "So weak," she muttered while pulling the chair back up. 

When she pulled me up I heard someone enter the room. "Pepper, leave."


"Yes, my king."

I heard the door close and it was just us, filling the room with tension that could be felt for miles. "I did not come here to harm you."

I scoffed, what a load of bull. 

"I came here because I am about to die."

That made me open my eyes.


He grabbed a chair in front of me and made himself comfortable. "You are going to kill me one hour from now, there is no stopping it. Death is not something that can be escaped or prevented, nothing in my power can prevent you from killing me. And besides, if you do not kill me then something else will. My clock is ticking. But before I die I need to tell you everything."

I look at him and all I can see is someone weak and out of life. Almost made me pity him. "You have to be fucking kidding me."

He looked up at me with wide eyes. "Not just 24 hours ago you whipped me with a horse whip! A HORSE WHIP! AND NOW YOU'RE HERE TO TELL ME EVERYTHING? YOU COULDN'T HAVE ANSWERED ME YESTERDAY?!"

What stupidity, honest stupidity.

"YESTERDAY I HAD A CHANCE!" He yelled so loud I believed the room shook a bit.

"Had a chance for what?" I asked softly. When he yelled he scared me, even now as a nineteen-year-old I was scared of being yelled at by my father.

"Yesterday was my last chance to prevent my death by killing you and Sophie."

My breathing quickened and I felt myself wanting to rip out his throat. "Don't you dare lay a finger on her!"

He shook his head. "If I killed you both, that young boy, Jackson. He would seek vengeance at the age of eighteen, taking down not only myself but the pack. Nothing would be left of it, the Night Dove Pack would cease to exist and our royal blood line will be no more."

My heart swelled with glee when he mentioned Jackson taking vengeance, I know he is going to become strong, with or without me.


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