Rose wants to talk

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"Alex," I yelled for the tenth time.

I knew he was in there, I could feel it.

"Alex open up," I yelled to the door blocking the way to my mate, "I need to speak with you. Can I come in?"


What a brat.

I sighed and took a few steps back from the door. If he wasn't going to let me in, might as well let myself in.

With that, I brought my leg up and kicked the door with as much strength as I could.

Luckily for me, the door flew open.

Or more like broke in half, but who cares, that was awesome.

I sighed and let myself in like some weirdo not caring I just damaged his door.

"Alex we need to talk," I said as I looked around the office, only to find Alex laying his head on his desk.

He is asleep.

Are you serious right now? How could he not wake up? I just broke his door!

As a little snore left Alex's mouth I took it as my cue to get out. I'll let him deal with the broken door when he wakes up.

When I successfully left the crime scene I walked around the pack house to my room.

Which was being blocked by Roy and Daniel.


Now. Really?

Those two need lives.

I rolled my eyes and continued to walk toward my room seeming oblivious to their presence.

"Rose," Daniel spoke.

Eww, I hated the way he said my name.


Stupid! You just feed food to the dog! Now he won't stop coming back. Agh!

"We would like to talk to you, about Silence," Roy finally spoke.

Go away. Leave me alone. You two are creeps. Dig a hole and bury yourselves in them.

"Excuse me," Daniel asked as he stepped closer to me.

Crap, I said that out loud?

Well, good. Now they know I don't like them.

"Um, Silence isn't a good topic for me right now," I said nervously trying to avoid this topic as mush as possible.

What was I to say?

Did he dump me? No, I'm too good to be dumped.

He got me pregnant and he is off to find work? No, can't deal with faking a pregnancy.

He is gay?


No, that's still the same as dumping.

Why is this so hard?

Maria, what do I do?

"We get it, he left and you are stuck with a different pack but we just want to ask a few simple questions. If that's okay," Roy said with a creepy smile.

I sighed. What have I got to lose?

"Sure, ask away."

Roy clapped his hands together with a grin, "Perfect! The first question, was Silence ever in a pack?"

Was Silence ever in a pack?

Yea, she has. Two actually.

One that abandoned her. And one that was destroyed.

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