Jackson & Sophie

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"How long has it been?"

I knew it was going to be difficult for Olive to come along with me, she wasn't used to camping for days or eating what nature provides. She was patient the first few weeks but soon the wait was getting to her. Olive wanted to see Rose just as much as I did.

"Almost a month," I said slowly in disappointment.

I looked down at the jacket I was wearing. Rose's scent had left it after the first week of our journey but it still held so many memories, it felt as if she was still here with me. As if she was never taken away from us.

"Jackson, how do we still know that Rose is okay? It's been a month and we still haven't reached the Night Dove's territory. They could have done anything to her and we would make this trip for no reason."

Olive's voice was shaking, she was on the verge of crying and it hurt my chest to think about Olive, the happiest girl I know, to begin to lose hope when we are so close to our goal.

I looked up at the sky which was turning into a dark shade of blue. "Olive, let's rest here for a moment. I need to tell you something."

I walked over to a tree and placed a blanket on the ground for us. Olive didn't hesitate to sit beside me on the blanket, she placed her head on my shoulder while looking at her hands. "What do you have to tell me?"

I took a breath hoping that this would go calmly. "Would you let me tell you a story?"

Olive looked slightly confused but she didn't question it. "Of course, go ahead."

My heart was beating quicker than I wanted it to but the closer we got to the territory the more I needed to get this off of my chest. Besides, there was no grantee that we are going to survive this.

"There once was this princess," I started off, "She was raised by the King of a faraway kingdom. You would think that her life would be filled with jewels, rubies, and anything she wished for. But it wasn't like that"

"Her father treated her as if she was some kind of weapon to protect the kingdom he tries so hard to grow. Because the kingdom was different from other kingdoms. The people in that kingdom had skills other kingdoms could not match, but there were so little of them because people feared them, so much that they would kill anyone from there. It got so bad that people from that kingdom became rare. So many lives were lost during those times. The hearts of the people became cold and after the death of his mother so did the King's."

"Which is why he trained his daughter to be the protector of his kingdom. But the King was filled with so much hatred, he didn't understand he was creating something far beyond a protector. He was creating a weapon, his weapon."

I took a deep breath and I continued to tell her the story Rose once told me long ago. Rose killing her own mother, being forced to kill Soph-- Olive -- but failing. 

Then I get to the big part, "But then the not-so Charming Prince told the Princess something that changed her life forever. He told her that his sister-- the one the Princess and her Prince-in-training befriend-- was actually the Princess's biological sister."

I continued with the story, adding on the deal Alex's father made with Robert and also adding the journey we've been on this whole month.

When I finished I looked over to Olive, who was staring at the ground with a blank look.  I was going to say something to dismiss the silence between us but Olive beat me to it. "What are you trying to say, Jackson?"

I swallowed nervously. "Rose isn't my sister Olive, she's yours. Alex, Roy, and Daniel, they are not your blood, they've never been."


You know what? I was gonna update on Thursday but I changed my mind. Hope you like it 💕

All my wishes and prayers go out to my people in Houston. We Texans are strong, let's continue to be so during these hard times 💪💞 #HurricaneHarvey

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