Silence's end (Part 3)

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"Pepper, what's your next move?" I ask outloud as I stare at the lifeless body of my father.

Who would have thought that both my parents would have been killed by my hands? The people responsible for me being alive, dead because of me.

How tragic.

"I'm going to have to reveal his body to the pack and hope that none of them will try to retaliate. It will not be long before the news of Robert's death speads throughout all other packs," Pepper responds while putting on the last bit of clothing she had left.

I nod, knowing that this news will shock everyone. Including a certain mate that has not made a single appearance since my kidnapping.

While thinking about Alex I remember that Olive and Jackson were still in the room and I turn over to see how they are doing.

Jackson had Olive in a tight embrace which shield her from the scene behind them. The pair were clinching onto each other, as if either were to let go it would be the last that they see of each other, and they could not bear that thought.

I gently take a few steps closer to them, but I make sure to keep a distance in case my sudden presence will scare them. "You two okay?" I ask.

Jackson slowly releases Olive but keeps his hand firmly clenched around hers. "Yea, we're fine. Is Robert..."

"Dead," I answer Jackson.

He nods but doesn't say anything else, instead he looks at Olive.

She had her eyes set on Robert's body, she just stared at it not knowing exactly what to do in this type of situation.

"You two need to leave. Shit is going to hit the fan when the news goes out," I said, carefully moving them towards the door and away from the lifeless body.

"But what about you? You need to come too," Olive said. "We came here for you and we need to get you back home."


I laugh a little. "Olive, I don't have a home. I already said it once and I'll say it again, my job is to stay here from now on to keep this pack in check," I glanced at Jackson, who was glaring at the floor. "It's time I say goodbye, to both of you."

This gained Jackson's attention. His head shot up quickly. "What?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "I've thought this through and it's time you finally take your own path from now on Jackson. The alpha blood inside you will provide great advantages in future fights and though we've never done much training I know you can defend yourself well. Till then you can stay with Alex's pack or continue as a rogue, but you can't stay with me anymore."

Don't cry.

Don't you dare fucking shed a tear.

I repeated this over and over in my head, silently hoping I could keep my emotions at bay. Saying goodbye to Jackson is something hard but it has to be done. He can't come here anymore, I'll forbid it. The further he is from me the better.


He seemed to yell a lot at me today

"Jackson, I cannot explain this to you anymore than I already have," I said while making sure to avoid any eye contact with him. Just one small glance and he'll know I am ashamed of doing this to him.

"Rose, you are not getting rid of me that easily," He grabbed my wrist and forced me to look at him. "You are coming with us. We need you to come back home."

"Jackson I--"

"I agree with Jackson, you do need to come back home. You've been gone to long."

I froze, and so did everyone in the room.

Not once did I think I would hear his voice so soon. I looked towards the door where Alex was standing, his posture leaned back. So care free.

And the smile that he gave me when I finally looked up to his face, I wanted to slap it.

So I did.

I rushed my hand across his face so quick, even I couldn't have dodged that slap. "What the fuck are you doing here? Just when everything died down you finally decide to show up here, where you all those weeks ago when I actually needed you? You know what, don't even answer! You can just go fuck yourself Alex!"

"Happy to see you too Rose," he muttered while rubbing his cheek.

His sarcasm only set me off more.

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