Silence's end (part 2)

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Warning: Death scene, Gore, & Murder 

Read at own risk

I shifted, shielding Olive and Jackson from Pepper's slightly smaller wolve form. Pepper did not back away, despite knowing the outcome of this fight. 

"Pepper, down!" 

She ignored Robert's demand and decided to growl at me. I returned an even louder growl causing Jackson to grab Olive by the hand to move them towards the closest window. I was glad to know Jackson was thinking about himself and Olive instead of trying to do something to interfere. 


Pepper leaped but midway before reaching me she touched the floor to change her direction. Instead of my arm being ripped apart from my body, it was Robert's. 

Jackson used his body to turn Olive away from what Pepper was doing to Robert, his back was turned toward me. I was happy they weren't seeing this, or about to see what I was going to do. 

I slowly moved towards the two, when I reached them Pepper had completely ripped of Roberts' arm. The crunching of Roberts' bone in Pepper's mouth was heard throughout the room, and the blood dripping from it was the only thing that I could hear for the tiniest second before the curses coming from Robert filled my ears. 

"Y-you..?" He stared at Pepper, all she did was turn around and let me through. 

I made sure to grab a sheet that was on the floor before shifting back into my human form, I wrapped the sheet around me and kneed down toward him. 

"We know you've been watching us, every day through the camera you thought you hid so well. I am really debating on buying Pepper a medal after this, she is one of the best actresses I have ever had the pleasure of meeting." 

I remember Pepper, from when I was younger and still part of the Night Dove pack. She seemed the perfect puppet, everything she trained in was perfect and she was thought to be one of the most loyal members of the pack. 

Until I saw her otherwise.

She was cursing next to a lake the day I found her, I overheard everything she said about how everyone was being brainwashed and how she would do anything to take down our way of living. I walked toward her until she noticed me, she was in shock and was going to say something to defend herself but I asked her to tell me more. I wanted to know more how our pack brained washed us.

Pepper was the one who opened me up to understanding that the things being done around us were wrong, since that day we never once spoke again but we both kept it in the corner of our memories that we had that conversation and we both knew we should not submit to the things they were doing to us. Just play the role of the puppet until the time is right.

And right now was the right time.

"The planning was tough, we knew you were watching our every move and our every conversation. It took some time but we were able to create a stable mind-connection with each other, and that's how we planned it all out," I leaned close to Robert's face. "The death of the great king of the Night Doves."

I grabbed the whip that was connected to his belt, it was the same whip he used a few days ago on me. I reached the end of it and wrapped it around his neck.

"I've always dreamed of doing this," I whispered.


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