Silence, he is growing up

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"Rose," I heard behind me.

I was in the hallway getting ready to go to train a little since dinner was already over, but the voice stopped Jackson, Olive, and I from going to my room to change.

Because the only people I seem to be able to be friends with are kids.

But I wasn't complaining.

I turned around to Alex, "Yes?" I asked carefully.

I haven't spoken to him since the whole bed scandal.

People could only imagine how hard it was for me to ignore his piercing gaze during dinner.

He walked up to all three of us.

Olive giving Alex a sweet smile, Jackson giving him his daily glare, and me trying my hardest not to squirm.

"It's finished," he told me taking out his hand to give me something.

I carefully brought my hand out and Alex dropped a familiar necklace onto my hand.

"Maria's necklace, it's fixed," I said astonished.

"What?" I heard Jackson beside me. He probably heard me say his mother's name.

I showed Jackson the necklace and he stared at it with wide eyes.

"How?" he asked grabbing the necklace with caution.

"I..." I thought about it for a while and decided it was best I tell him the truth, "I asked Alex to fix it for you."

With that, his eyes darkened, "Seriously?"


"Come on Jackson," I said trying my hardest for him not to start a scene, "He is the only one who can fix it, he is an Alpha. Only Alphas can fix Luna necklaces," I told him.

He quickly put the necklace in his pocket. With narrowed eyes, he walked in front of Alex.

Jackson I am going to beat the crap out of you if you start anything with him.

Don't. Be. A. Damn. Idiot.

He looked up at Alex with a strong posture, only seen in people with a high status. 

Sometimes I forget Jackson has status because he never shows it around me (just how I don't do the same) but clearly he was showing it now.

Jackson took out his hand forcefully.

"Thank you."

My eyes widened.

What the hell did Jackson just say?

I looked to see what Alex's reaction was and unlike me, he was calm. Copying Jackson,  Alex pulled his hand out and shook Jackson's eleven-year-old hand.

"Your welcome. It was my duty to make my guest happy," he gave me a side glance, "And my mate," he added.

I turned away with a blushed face. Which made me face Olive, who had a knowing look on her face.

Damn it.

She starting wiggling her eyebrows a little and it was making me blush more than I could ever imagine.

"Where are you three headed?"

I swallowed nervously and turned back to Alex, hopefully, my face was back to its normal color. "We are going to go change real fast, I am going to go train Jackson."

Alex raised an eyebrow, "Train? Why are you only training now?"

Before I could answer, Olive jumped in. "Jackson can shift now! Isn't that awesome!" she smiled brightly, this girl was just the cutest thing ever.

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