Silence hates you

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I was trying not to lose control. What I was seeing was more then displeasing.

Jackson had a knife near his throat and the person holding the knife, was none other then my stupid idiot of a mate,


Jackson was trying to move away from the knife but Alex had a firm hold on him.

I had my hands in a fist with my nails digging into my skin.

I felt pain stinging through my palms. If my nails dug any deeper I knew I was going to make myself bleed.

Alex looked a my shaking fist and smirked.

"I guess you know this kid huh? After you saved him from my punch I had my assumptions, but by the way you are fuming with anger I know for sure you actually care for this kid."

I growled. My breathing started to become faster and I knew in any second my wolf would appear. I had to get Jackson away from him.

I took one step forward and Alex took a step back. He brought the knife closer to Jackson's throat.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. I can easily kill him within seconds."

I looked over at Jackson and moved my head up toward Alex.

He understood.

He swallowed nervously and calmed himself. "Silence wants to know what you want."

Alex looked confused. "You can understand him?"

Jackson looked annoyed. "Yes," he said thorough his grinded teeth.

Alex smiled. "Fine then. What I want is for Silence to strip."


I took a step back. The emotion that was now consuming me was....confusion.

Jackson looked as confused as I did but other then that he was mad.

"What the hell! What do mean strip!? No way! Silence is not going to strip for you! Pervert!"

Alex tightened his grip making Jackson gasp.

"Shut up you damn kid. I just want to see who Silence is behind that disguise."

I have such a stubborn mate. Why can't he just drop it.

I sighed.

I guess I had to strip.

I slowly started to take my hand to the back of my mask but I stopped when I heard a familiar loud voice.

"Marshmallow!!! What are you doing!??!!"

I turned my attention towards a small angry little 10 year-old girl,


"What the hell Olive! Get the f*ck out of here!"

I had no idea what to do. How did Olive know Alex?

And did she called him....Marshmallow?

"Marshmallow! Watch your language!"

Oh my gosh she did.


I tried to hide my laughter but it came out. I can't believe his nickname is Marshmallow!

He growled out of nowhere leaving the two kids and I startled.

"Damn it, Olive! Leave!"

She stepped in front of me stretching her arms out in a protective manner.

"No! You are being mean to my friends! Let go of Jackson!"

She is yelling at an alpha. Olive is yelling at a freaking alpha! What is this girl! He will kill Olive for defying her alpha!

"Olive, I'm no kidding! Leave!"

His was practically yelling at the top of his lungs. He is going to kill her.

Olive stomped on foot on the ground. "No! Marshmallow you let them go now! If mom was here she would be really mad at you!"

I look over at Alex who had started to move the knife away from Jackson.

"Fine but what I need is for Silence to remove his mask."

Olive looked over at me. I guess thats was all she could do for us. Everything is up to me and Jackson now.

I take my hands back and remove the straps of my mask.

I grabbed the mask and put it in my pocket.

When I looked up I saw Alex just looking at me. Not removing his gaze from my face.

I was getting nervous by how intense he was looking at me.

"F-fine then."

Alex immediately lets go of Jackson.

Jackson angryly walks toward me grabbing my arm. "Goodness. Come on Silence lets go. This guy is getting on my nerves just by looking at him."

I nod and begin to follow Jackson to the exit knowing that this might be the last time I see my mate.


Or not.

Jackson suddenly stops right in front of me almost making me bump into him.

He slowly turns around with an annoyed expression.

"What do you want now!?"

I turn around too noticing that the one who told us to stop was Alex.

He cursed under his breath trying not to get angry at Jackson.

"We will be having dinner soon. As an apology I would like you two to join us."

I look over at Jackson to see if he wanted to eat or not. We haven't eaten all day. We never got to eat the pancakes at the diner because of those stupid rogues that attacked us.

Jackson sighed in defet and looked Alex straight in the eye. "Fine but as soon as dinner is over we are getting the hell out of here."

I guess it was good for us to eat. I was actually pretty hungry.

"Till dinner is ready Olive can gladly show you two to our guest rooms," Alex looked over at Olive signalling her to show us to the guest room.

She smiled. "Come on you two!" she started to walk and we gladly followed.

I had to be very careful with Alex. One second we have a normal conversation and the next we are fighting or arguing with each other.

I hate this.

Actually no, let me rephrase that.

I hate him.


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