Jackson's non-forgotten necklace

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Jackson's non-forgotten necklace


There it was again, that voice calling my name. Who the hell kept on calling my name?

"Rose, please. I just want to take a shower. I fell in the mud."

That voice.



I got up from my bed and went to open the door for Jackson.

I thought he was lying about falling into the mud just to get my attention but apparently, he wasn't. There, right in front of me, was Jackson covered in mud. Gross.

"Jackson, what happened," I asked as Jackson didn't spare me a single look as he walked into the room with an annoyed expression.

"I fell in the mud," he spat. He rampaged through the cabinets, looking for any clean clothes to wear.

"Yeah I heard you," I closed the door behind me, "but how?"

He shut the cabinet with a loud bang and turned around with still his annoyed expression.

"Olive wasn't looking where she was going and I voluntarily saved her. Which was pretty stupid because the next thing you know this breaks," he shows me his fisted hand but opened them when I grew confused about what he meant when he said something 'broke'.

And there it was. In his hands was Maria's Luna necklace, with a huge crack in the middle.

"Oh Jackson," I said in concern. He had it all this time? Probably the only thing he had left of his mother, now it's broken.

"It's fine," he placed the necklace on the nightstand next to the lamp. By Jackson's expression and tone of voice, I knew he wasn't fine. If anything he was far from it.

"I'm-- I'm going to take a shower," he sighed and with his clothes in his hands and strut straight into the bathroom

I turned over to the necklace placed right in under the lamp's dim light. It was missing something.

It was missing Maria.

I remember she looked amazing in the necklace. She would always joke around and said that Jackson's wife would have a hard time making it look as good as it looks on her.

Too bad Jackson's wife will never get to wear it, Jackson stoped being the destined alpha as soon as Maria's pack was taken from us.

His wife will not become the Luna, meaning she will never be allowed to wear this necklace.

But it still means a lot to Jackson. It's the only thing he has left of his mother.

And there is only one person I know who can fix this.


I grabbed the necklace from the night stand and walked out of the room making as little noise as possible.

As I walked too the office something caught my eye.

A room cracked open only sightly right in front of mine.

It was not respectful of me to look in the room through the crack but I felt like it.

But thorough that crack was Alex.

You have to be kidding me.

Without caring, I walked to the room and opened it wide.

It got Alex's attention because as I walked in he had a confused expression.

And I?

I had on a blushed face.

He was shirtless and in shorts.

Just got through a run. Oh, what great timing I have.

"What do you want," he asked rudely without turning to face me. I guess he was known of my presence since I entered.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the room locking the door behind me.

"You're going to be mean to me after all those kisses you gave me," I teased. It felt like a good time to say it and his scowl only made me smile.

"Again, what do you want," he asked putting while putting on a shirt he got out of a drawer.

"I want you to fix this," I presented him with the broken necklace in my hand.

He narrowed his eyes and walked up to me finally taking interest in what I wanted to talk about.

"I had a suspicion that you two were descendants of an Alpha and Luna," he looked at me curiously, "But strangely, I can't stop noticing that you are much powerful than normal Alpha pups."

I looked down messing with my strand of hair covering my left eye. 

"Uh, thank you? Jackson and I are from a powerful pack, I guess that is why."

Continuing the lie that Jackson and I are related was not as difficult as I thought it would be, the thing that was hard was trying to make them believe us.

I am seriously wondering how long I can keep this up.

"Stop lying to me."

Trying to put the best innocent face I could I turned over to Alex with (faked) confused eyes.

"What do you mean?"

It was as if he could see right through me. Alex with little warning rushed past me, I heard the door close, "I mean," A sharp pain made its way to my scalp and it took me a while to realize Alex just threw me to the bed by my hair, "Stop being dumb and just admit you have been lying to me since you got here."

I saw him grab both of my hands and pin them above me, I was in a state of shock to even respond. 

"I know you are lying, just admit it," he growled in my face making me flinch.

My breath became more rapid and at this moment I knew I couldn't keep up the lie. It was now or never.

"I'm..." how do I do this?

Just tell him

"Jackson isn't my brother," I began, "I am not even from the same birth pack as him. When I was 13 his mother sort of adopted me, that's how we ended together," I explained. During the whole time I looked away from not wanting to his face.

"How did you become silence?"

I slowly turned to face him dead cold in the eye, "I had to take care of Jackson someway. After our pack was destroyed I highly doubt another would let a destined alpha pup join their pack, so I took care of Jackson just like---his mother told me."

I was glad I caught myself before I said Maria's name. Since her death, I never really said her name out loud to anyone besides Jackson. It was strange to say her name out loud for a change.

"I knew it," he whispered more to himself than to me.

Even if that question wasn't directed to me I still found the need to ask, "Knew what?"

He smirked, "That Jackson was a destined alpha, but I don't understand where you get your power," he squeezed my hands tighter, "Explain."

All I wanted was for him to fix the necklace, now I have to tell him my whole back story? This alpha is getting on my last nerve.

But..I need to clear the air.

I sighed and stared up to him, "Do you remember The Night Dove pack?"


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