Silence loves him more

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No. No. NO!

"Luna!? I-I can't. I won't!"

Alex quickly let go of me making me almost fall down from the loss of support.

He had mixed of emotions two of them being rage and confusion.

With a frustrated movement he backed away trying to understand what I had just said.

"Your my mate! What do you think it means when you are an alpha's mate!?"

"I know what it means! It- it is just to soon! I meet you only hours ago!"

His confusion grew more visible and almost over taking his rage.

He was trying to calm his wolf as much as he could. It wasn't working.

"What's wrong with you!?! I know werewolves that have sex with their mates the minute they meet them! My mate being a crossdresser I can deal with but my mate not getting down to business is a whole other story!"


Wha- oh.

Wait. He has to be kidding.

"You think mates are only there for sex!? You can have sex with whoever you want!! You don't need a mate for that you idiot!"

I'm not even exaggerating when I say that the words 'idiot' echoed throughout the room.

His breathing accelerated from his nose and he on the edge of lossing it.

"I invited you to my pack house and this is how you treat me!! Calling me an idiot!! Calling the alpha an idiot!"


Alex didn't know what to say to me. He was debating whether he should still yell at me or try and see this whole mate thing through my eyes.

When I knew he wasn't going to say anything I took it to my liberty to continue talking.

"Listen, Alex. I don't have this connection with you, my wolf does and she barley ever talks to me. When I meet you all she said was 'mate'. I have this attraction to you that I can't really explain but it doesn't mean I'm going to do all that. Mates are not only for sex they are your other half, they complete you. If you come to me only seeking sex then you can forget it."

"Ha! Are you serious?"

"O-of course!"

He rolled his eyes with an amused smile shaking his head from side to side in a slow motion.

"I have been matched with some fairytale loving weirdo. Great."


"Well I have been matched with a sex-slash-control crazed alpha! How do think I feel!"

"I don't care about how you feel!"


Maria....did you ever hate Dave as much as I hate Alex?

"Fine! If my mate doesn't care...then I'm leaving. Nice knowing my mate is a total jerk!"

Last thing I wanted to do was stay in here arguing with him for no reason.

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