Silence is silent

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I jumped from tree to tree making my way deeper to the territory.

The Shade pack is strong that could not be denied but from what I have been hearing the only reason they are that strong now is because of their new Alpha. He has gained their pack many allies and almost doubled their pack members.

I kind of think they are weak because I have been stealing their supplies, food, and materials, ever since Jackson and I stepped into this state. They have been looking for me but haven't caught me yet.

I stop when I notice 3 guards walking around patrolling their territory.

I quickly hide my weapons in my boots and jacket and leave my backpack on the tree I was currently standing on.

"I will be back my dear friend," I sadly whispered to my backpack. I was attached to my backpack ever since Maria gave it to me on my 10th birthday.

I sighed. It was now or never.

I made myself fall from the tree and right in front of the 3 guards.

"What the hell?!"

I heard them start putting their things down to come look at me. They slowly turned me over so that I was facing them.

"Roy, it's Silence! The one Alex told us to look out for," I heard one say. I had my eyes closed but I knew the person who said that was the one who held the back of my neck.

"Damn your right. Should we call Alex?" asked another.

"Hell no. He is too busy looking for some kid's sister or something. Apparently, they saved Olive from some rogues. We need to take him to the Pack house and wait till Alex is done looking for that girl."

Right then I knew I was at the right place. Olive and Jackson made it!

"Alright. Daniel, you and Joe take Silence to the pack house. Make sure he is tied up. I wouldn't want Alex to yell at me for bringing home someone without taking precaution."

"Roy, Alex yells at us for everything."

"Daniel, shut up and take Silence to the pack house I'll mind link Alex to meet us there."

"Yea, do what you want," I heard someone say clearly in an annoying tone.

I suddenly feel two people caring me from the ground.

"Wow. Dude he weighs like 0 zero pounds. He's really easy to carry. We'll be at the pack house in no time. Just let me carry him we can run there."

"Do what you want Daniel, I already mind linked Alex. He said he'll be there in a minute."

"Okay. You say so."

Oh gosh, this is going to be bad.

The Daniel guy who was carrying me didn't even think twice about running with me on top of him. He started to run and run. While I started holding in my puke.

Only after a few more minutes of holding in my puke we finally stopped.

"Daniel, Silence looks like he is about to throw up all over your shirt," said one guy from behind the Daniel guy.

"That's probably the reason why he fell off the tree," said the other guy. Who I think is Roy by the way he sounds.

I still pretended to be passed out but I still was on high alert for Jackson.

"Alex just mind linked me saying that some boy Olive is friends with won't stop punching a tree," said Roy.

It was totally level 5 frustrated Jackson. By now I would hit him on the head for being dumb and hurting himself.

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