Their Mission

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Just like Olive told me, we woke up in the morning and headed straight to the Night Dove's pack house. We knew exactly where Rose was being held captive, we stole some of Alex's stuff which held information about the Night Dove pack. Lucky enough for us Alex had a map of the pack house, and from all of the things, Rose has told me about her childhood I knew that she was in the room her father forced her to kill her mother.

"We need to climb the tree near the B section of the house, when he climb it we'll see windows. If I'm right, Rose's room will be the third window to the right," I inform Olive as I close the folder with all the information about the Night Dove pack.

"Hey, Jackson," Olive says as I finally zip my backpack, "haven't you wondered why Rose hasn't just...escaped?"

I nodded. "Of course. But I know Rose. I think she is curious, she wants to know Robert's next move. And what better way to keep your enemy close then to literally have them right under the same roof as you?"

"Wow, you sure know a lot about Rose."

"Well I have known her for a long time, and I've had a crush on her for a long time too," I say without an ounce of shame.

I see Olive tense up. "Oh, so you like Rose, huh? That's...neat."

"Yeah, but I think it was just a little crush, nothing serious. Besides, I think there is someone else for me," I said while looking right at Olive with a knowing smile.

She blushes and moved her gaze to her fingers. "Oh."

"Anyway, let's get going."

We reach B section and climb up the tree with ease. I move toward the third window and see bars. "Damn it."

"What's wrong?" Olive asks next to me. I point at the bars and she groans.

"This is the only window with bars, so she is definitely here. But now we just need to find a way in."

We both look around. But Olive was the first to say an idea out loud. "What about the air ducts?"

"I saw that one of them does lead into the room but we have to go to the back of the house to get there. But we might run into guards."

Olive takes a deep breath. "I'm ready to do what it takes to bring Rose back. And to all of this over with."

I nod. "So am I."

We jumped off the roof and sneak into the back of the house and no even a few seconds later we run into guards. My first instinct is to grab my knife, while Olive decides to grab a rock. We both nod at each other.

Before they are able to understand what is happening Olive knocks one out by throwing the rock on the side of their head with all her force while I slash one on the neck. They both drop like dolls and we drag them out of sight.

"There is supposed to be an air duct around here," I tell Olive. But since I didn't see one I began to worry.

Olive jumps up in glee. "Here."

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