Silence's Agreement

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"Jackson must have the same living conditions as I do. Food, clothes, and a room. Just like you said you'll give to me."

My mate wasn't truly that bright. If she asked me to get her a unicorn, I would send all my men to get her one but I simply kept that information to myself. If she knew I would give her whatever she wanted, when she wanted, I do not think we could ever have a chance to have a normal conversation.

"Yes. Jackson will have the same living conditions as you," I replied calmly yet I was anything but calm.

Stupid Jackson. Out if the things that could happen, a child ends up being my rival for my mates love, a pathetic child. Always whining to her as if she is his mother, but no, she is his damn sister. Or so they say.

His figures do not even match hers. His straight black hair does not come close to Rose's long blond curls. There were other things that these two are hiding.

"Okay then. Jackson and I will live here."


"Alright then. Let us seal the deal with a Leave-in-promise handshake. You shall stay here with Jackson and I will provide you two with anything that you need, but you must stay here and be my mate."

Leave-in-promise handshake was a powerful promise. If you shall break it you will likely die unless the other person takes it back to save their life.

Rose, my beautiful mate, looked at me like I was insane.

"You are willing to die? Just so that I can stay here, with you?"

"Yes," was all I said with truth.

Her chest moved forward as she tried to think of what to do. I loved it when she did that. She looked so beautiful when she is thinking. I hated that I liked it.

How could I only feel this connection so strongly while she can only feel a sight attraction? It was unfair to be in love with someone as soon as you meet them but they share a very little liking for you. 

"Fine," she finally said.

We both stood up and made our way toward each other. 

"I only saw the promise done once. I hardly remember how it goes," she said worriedly.

Just like I predicted. 


"Let me show you."

I grabbed her gentle hand and connected it with mine. "Repeat after me Rose," I ordered.

She simply nodded her head.

"I, state your name, promise to comply with the conditions of the promise made my Alex, my mate. And if I am to break this promise shall I be sentenced to the death granted by all the werewolves before me."

She repeated my words with full trust.

It was my turn.

"I, Alex, Shall state the promise: Rose and Jackson shall be allowed to sleep, eat, and be provided with what they need as long as Rose stays by my side as my mate." Rose slowly nodded remembering that this was our agreement. 

"And that Rose has to have at least kissed Alex for a whole minute each day. With this handshake the promise is sealed," I finally said as I gave Rose the handshake.

She looked up with complete disbelief.

"That was not part of our deal! You cheat!" She said as she moved her hand away from mine.

Her anger enlightened me. "The promise is done you break it and you will surely die by midnight tonight."

"How could you do that!"

I moved closer till I was able to grab a lock of her hair. 

"Because I do what I can to get ahead and if that means lying then so be it."

I had to be ahead. No one can ever be before me or better than me. Ever.

"I hate you."

With those words, she left the room with her hair furiously tailing behind her.

Those words held strong truth.

But mine did too.

I am not going to let anyone get in my way of being on top. Wether it is my family, pack, or mate, I will not let anyone get ahead of me.

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