Silence, he is back

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I was back in my room, looking out my window to see what was happening outside.

Alex would probably drop everything and drag me back to the basement with Olive and Jackson if he saw me out there.

So I stayed in my room, pointing my gun at anything that made a movement to attack.

Nothing has happened yet, the yelling was most likely from minor pack members scared to see others invading their pack, It was normal to be panicked even if it was just a few invaders. But I could tell that there was a lot more of them surrounding the territory.

What the hell did they want?

"Alex!" Someone yelled and I pointed my gun at a tall guy. I couldn't see his face clearly but I could tell he was an alpha.

A familiar one at that. But I don't know where I knew that smell from.

"What do you need?" I heard my mate yell, making his strong appearance in front of his pack members.

Alex looked so powerful in front of all of them, he screamed attention. Like a true alpha.

"I want what belongs to me," the strange man said.

I placed my gun down next to me and grabbed the bag to my right, still carefully listening to their conversation as I began to dress in my old attire that I haven't noticed I missed so much.

Alex huffed in annoyance, a noise I have gotten used to. "We've been over this, you can't get her until the time comes."

I finished getting dressed and grabbed my gun. Without hesitation, I pointed the gun back to the alpha threatening to take a step closer to Alex.

Alex growled taking a half-kneeing position, warning that he is going to shift if the alpha doesn't back up.

"Alex, child," he sounded calmer than he should have been. "I know what I said, but there is a change of plans here. You see something is happening to the jewel of my pack and now I only have one option; plan B. I can't have my jewel going around and ruining the chances of my pack being strong than it already is. I need my plan B back."

Plan B? Jewel?

What are they talking about?

Why would Alex have something that belongs to another pack anyways? Packs don't like to share, ever. Because it leads to this.

A dispute.

And a werewolf's dispute is basically a merciless massacre.

"And I say no."

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I could help but compare Alex and Jackson together.

It has to be an alpha thing to be so stubborn.

"Alex," the guy took a step closer and Alex's pack members all kneed down taking the same stance as their alpha. "You do not know what you are saying young child. I would not come here unless I needed to. And I need my plan B back."

"And I say no. We have an agreement that you would not have her until she was 18. She is staying with me wither you like it or not."

The other guy growled at Alex. I moved closer to the window getting ready to shoot if this person decided to make any move to harm my mate.

But as I moved closer, a shiny light caught my line of vision.

When I looked at it, I saw someone in the tree aiming an arrow at Alex.

Carefully, without making a sound, I opened the window wide enough for a 19-year-old girl to fit through it.

"And I say," I caught the little movement of his hand fisting toward the tree. It was a signal. "I don't like it."

I saw the arrow shoot. It broke through the wind making a swoosh sound.

As it got closer to Alex, the closer I got to it.

By the time I was on the ground I jumped up with a powerful push of the leg and went for the arrow. I was lucky enough to grab it mid-air but it was completely made out of silver, causing me to burn my hand during the process.

I made a front flip and landed in front of Alex and the strange man. And without hesitation, I let go of the arrow.

"Crap," I cursed silently. I held onto the arrow for too long it burned into my skin.

"Silence," I heard the name leave the lips of many of the pack members around us. Specifically Roy.

Oh, right. I'm Silence.

I can't speak.

"Who is this?" The strange guy asked.

I looked up carefully watching as his long legs came to view. Then his stomach, that wasn't as muscular as I thought it would be. Then to his face that had a long scar running over it and a medium sized beard forming around his chin.

"None of your concern," Alex answered, probably glaring at the back of my head.

But if anything, his glare would affect me.

Because I was face-to-face with the person I didn't believe I would ever see again. Because I haven't seen him since I was a child.

The person in front of me was none other than the person who made me into the monster I am today.

My dad.


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