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Lily's POV

I was sound asleep in my soft cozy bed. I suddenly hear a crashing sound outside. I open my eyes and look around. I see nothing. Only the things in my room.
I get up and walk in the living room. I hear the noise again. I open the front door and walk outside. I see nothing. Someone suddenly grabs me. "AHHH! MOMMY! DADDY!"

Your POV

I hear Lily scream from a distance. I sit up and look around. Shadow grabs my hand. "Something wrong?" He asks. "Lily screamed. I'm gonna check on her. Maybe she just had a nightmare." I say and walk to her room.
I don't see her in her bed. I start to get worried. I walk in the living room and see the front door open. I walk outside and look around. Someone grabs me. "AHHH! SHADOW!"

Shadow's POV

I hear (y/n) scream my name and I instantly jump up. I run into Lily's room, but I don't see Lily or (y/n). "Lily? Babe?" I run outside and instantly growl. "Eggman". "Why hello Shadow! How are things?" He asks.
"What did you do to my family?" I growl. "I have them of course!" He says showing a cage with (y/n) and Lily inside it. "Shadow!" (Y/n) yells. "Daddy!" Lily yells. "Let them go!" I scream.
"Why Shadow? They are like special emeralds that were hidden from me." He says. "(Y/n) was never yours, and I'm not letting you take her or my daughter". "Watch me." He smirks and flies away.



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