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Shadow's POV

I woke up and looked over to (y/n). She was sleeping like an angel. I saw her feet hanging out and I smirked. I tickled her feet and she quickly hid them. I chuckled and tickled her neck.

She growled like a scary dog and I kept doing it. "Next time you do that I will shoot you with your gun." She said. "You surely are a bitch in the morning." I said. "Thank you." She said sitting up. We got up and started getting ready.

We walked outside and saw everyone. "Hey Shadow!" Tails said. "Hey (y/n)." Sonic smirked. He walked to her and I growled. "Got plans today?" He asked.

" why?" She asked. "Just thought maybe we could hang out, get to know each other." He smirked winking at her. I felt smoke come out my ears. Stay calm Shadow, you don't want your dark side to scare her. BUT SONIC IS PISSING ME OFF!

"Hehe Sonic I think Shadow said he was going to show me around town." She said. "Maybe I could join?" He asked. Oh he's really pushing it. I tightened my fists and my eyes turned white. My fur turned dark and I stomped up to Sonic.

"SHE SAID SHE HAD PLANS WITH ME FAKER SO DON'T EVEN TRY GOING WITH US BECAUSE WE DON'T NEED YOU!" I snapped. "Shadow!" Tails yelled. I took a deep breath and turned around. Everyone staring at me in horror. I turned normal and ran off.

Your POV

What has gotten into Shadow? He's never acted this way before. I walked to Sonic and said "are you okay?" "Yeah it's just faked talking and telling me I can't hang out with you worth a damn." He said brushing himself off. "Why are you calling him 'faker'?" I asked a little annoyed.

"Ever since we met he has hated me for some reason and I have too. But he's a real bitch when it comes to missions, games, even just talking to us." He said. He had me mad now😡. I shoved him to the ground and said "don't you dare talk about Shadow like that! You don't even know what he's been through. There's probably a reason why he's like that so don't just talk bad about him until you actually get to know him and what he's been through his whole life..... Faker". He stared at me in shock and I just walked away. Oooo I was so ticked off as soon as he talked about Shadow like that.

Why judge him like that? Why treat him like he's an alien? You don't know what he was doing! He was probably protecting me. Or maybe even.....


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