6th birthday and questions

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Lily's POV

I wake up from my slumber and look around. I see my TV, coloring books, and my stuffed animals. I then realize...I'm turning 6 today! I run in Mommy and Daddy's room and jump on their bed. "Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!" I cheer.
"What is it hunny?" Mommy asks. "It's my 6th birthday!" I smile. Mommy sits up and gives me a big hug. "Happy birthday sweetie." She says. Daddy sits up and rubs his eyes.
"My little one turning 3?" He asks. I laugh. "No Daddy. Double that". "Oh 6! I got my math wrong. I just don't want you to keep growing on me!" He says picking me up and tickling me. "Daddy that tickles!" I laugh. He stops and hugs me.
"Hey give your old Uncle Faker a visit and tell him the news." He says. "Shadow." Mommy says. "What?" He asks. I know that my uncle's name is Sonic but me and Daddy like to call him faker. I get up and go to Uncle Sonic's house.
I open his window and climb through. I jump on his bed and yell "Yo faker wake up!" "Who you callin' faker? Faker." He says. "Uncle Sonic it's me!" I laugh. "Oh hey my little sneaky ninja." He says and hugs me tight.
"I'm 6 now!" I say. "No! Don't grow up on me!" He says picking me up. "I'm not growing that fast am I?" I ask. "For me, yes you are." He answers. I shrug.
"C'mon I'll make you a chilly dog for breakfast. Just don't tell your mom and dad. They will kill me." He says. (You already know lol the irony). "My lips are sealed!" I say. He fixes me a chilly dog and puts on SpongeBob for me. He hands me a chilly dog and sits with me.
His watch started beeping. He answers it and says "Yeah Tails?" "Sonic Eggman is coming towards us and is about to kill us all!" He yells. "Ugh I'm on it." He says. "Uncle Sonic can I go?" I ask.
"Sorry ninja I have to deal with a dangerous man that could hurt you. Just stay here." He says and dashes off.

~That night~

I was being tucked in bed by Daddy. "Glad you had a great birthday Lily." He says and kisses my cheek. "Daddy?" "Yes sweetie?" He asks. "What if we get separated? Will I ever see you again?" I ask.
He sits on my bed. "Is this because of Sonic fighting Eggman today?" He asks. I nod. "What happens if he gets me and takes me away from you?" I ask. "I will do everything in my power to save you and get you back. And so will your mother." He says.
He gets up and says "You don't need to worry about it. He'll never get you". He kisses my head and leaves. Am I really safe? Or am I in danger?

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